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Subject: Feeling worthless and lonely 1 Replies

  • Started by Lara Yesterday, May 17
Hi I feel just pretty much like I do not exist and that I do not have my identity anymore. My 3 month old is bit skinny and has head position issues and that makes me sad and I believe I am a bad mum. I also moved to Ireland recently and lost my job so I conoletely depend on my husband financially. I feel nothing more but a housewife and not so good mother and dependent wife. Some how it looks like I am not competent for anything and I am completely a fake person, empty and hollow.
  • Started by Anon on Apr 12, 2022
I have a 10 month old daughter and over the last 3 months I have completely hit rock bottom.. I dont like the person I have become. I get thoughts that I should run away and end all of these feelings. Ive no confidence anymore. I dont want or ever feel like being intimate with my partner since having my daughter. I cant tell anyone because I dont want them to think im being dramatic. My partner is so loving I know he doesnt deserve this. I hide these feelings everyday from everyone it is exhausting. I did ring GP but cannot be seen for a week as they are busy. I dont know how I will get over feeling so broken and lost. Ive thought about going to A&E before I crack..

Subject: Dreading going back to work 1 Replies

  • Started by Debbie on May 04, 2022
Due back to work in 4 months time and I am already worrying about it. Can anyone replace me, how am I going to be sure I pick the right person. I am all over the place, should I become a stay at home Mum?? If I didnt have the mortgage hanging over my head but really not a reality. Love love to hear from Mums that went through this..

Subject: 3rd time Mum stresssssssssss! 1 Replies

  • Started by Anonymous on Mar 19, 2022
Hi I’m a Mum to three small use under 4 incl a newbie and while I sailed through the new addition and initial months, today I hit a new low. I had post natal anxiety after #1, PND after #2 and was joyous that #3 had sparked anything. We had a bereavement recently and my husband being less available to me emotionally really set me back. I’m a total perfectionist and have always struggled with dropping my standards but the tentacles of PND and her critical voice has started to choke me I feel so bad when the poor Mums in the Ukraine had it a zillion times harder and worse but am afraid I’m being a terrible Mummy and sabotaging my marriage to my decades long love I used to live abroad so was easier to be anonymous there but am feeling a bit of a family noose and microscope since we returned Hope this doesn’t read like a sob story or seem self induced Appreciate any advice. I’ve done CBT before but would never take meds as not for me

Subject: Groups in Mayo 5 Replies

  • Started by Kayla on Nov 14, 2016
Hi, does anyone know if there are any support groups in Mayo?

Subject: Suffering 2 Replies

  • Started by Anonymous on Feb 01, 2022
Hi everyone I had my 2nd baby 12 weeks ago I’m constantly feeling scared to be alone don’t want to go anywere I don’t know what is wrong with me

Subject: Struggling 2 Replies

  • Started by Anonymous on Feb 02, 2022
Hi all.. I am a first time mum to a 17month baby boy.. I am 31 live at home with my mum and dad my boyfriend moved in before the pandemic and babys birth and we are still here.. I feel stressed here as I feel I am not doing things the way my mam would and sometimes it makes me so frustrated. She is good to us but feel she is getting distant sometimes.. I think I had some depression before my baby was born , it was manageable at that time I was able to go to the gym and have time and space for myself to recover from day to day stuff/work etc.. I was becoming more social isolating at that time also when I look back.. now since my baby was born the pandemic living with my parents still and first time living with my boyfriend I feel like I am so depressed I don't want too get up in the mornings I argue with my bf who did what etc I am paranoid my mam feels its too much us being at her house I am paranoid she is talking about us too other family members.. I am paranoid family think we are using then.. we are planning on moving out this year and have saved a house deposit. It was stressful as my bf worked with family and could not move jobs until recently so wasn't able to bring in much money I know my mam was trying to help with suggestions but was making my paranoid worse.. I cry most days now I'm always stressed iv had 3 new jobs since going bk to too work in Feb 21. I plan on going too my doctor to discuss this as it is affecting me my relationships, I have never received mental health help I don't know I'm how I'm feeling is pnd or just depression .. I'm I'm not feeling sad I have anxiety..

Subject: First time Mum 3 Replies

  • Started by Audrey on Jan 19, 2022
I am a first time Mum to an 8 month boy. Being a Mum is something I've always wanted and my husband and I always wanted children. I find I am struggling at the moment. My son has decided he doesn't like his car seat anymore and going anywhere in the car, unless necessary, causes untold stress. He will only nap in his buggy, when walking. Which is fine on the days that I feel like getting up and out but on wet days it can be difficult, especially when exhausted from the night before. He usually sleeps well but at the moment he is waking at night and is very difficult to settle. It is upsetting for us all. I feel extremely limited in where I can go and what I can do. Most days its just easier to stay at home and go for walks near the house. I find this is really getting me down. I feel slightly rejected in that my son will settle for my husband but not for me. I am wondering if anyone else feels like this or has any advice on any of the above. Thanks!

Subject: Loosing my mind 1 Replies

  • Started by Eimer on Jan 11, 2022
I recently had my baby girl she is now 3 months old and i have a little boy who is 1 since november. I never suffered with pnd after my little boy i was always so organized and everything was done night before myself and partner had a good relationship. Since baby 2 has arrived i just feel like im in a daze morning till night . I was fine for first few weeks and i am trying by best to put a routine of such in place for the two of them so i can get housework done and still have atleast 10 minutes so i can just sit down and breath .. my partner isnt helping much and then is saying u dont have time for us anymore u dont want to be intimate with me no more truth is i dont care anymore. I just have enough in me each morning to see to my two chikdren for the day and thats it i am starting to get irritable it seems like i just get one too sleep and the other to sleep and go start washing or housework and one wakes then they wake the other and i am lost on what i can do
  • Started by Julia on Nov 26, 2021
Some time ago I was diagnosed with thrombophilia, but I did not worry or think about it when I was planning to have a baby. My mother also had thrombophilia, but she had me without problems. Everything had change 5 years ago. After many trials and hopes, I managed to get pregnant, but at 36 weeks I lost the girl. They told me that there had been a massive infarction of the placenta and that the baby had died from lack of blood. I still do not understand why and after years it is hard for me to accepted what happened. Also, I have been starting to realize that it is more and more difficult to get pregnant. I was thinking of donating eggs from a specialized egg bank as a solution. My partner is hopeless and does not trust egg donation, but it would be the last attempt I would be willing to make. I live in Cork. Do you know any clinic that works with egg banks that can help me in this case? I'd like to make an appointment with a doctor to see if I can convince my partner to try again. Any opinion would really help me at this point. Hope someone can help me. Thanks.
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