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Subject: Advice needed please 0 Replies

  • Started by Anonymous on Sep 20, 2022
Hi, I need advice. I've a history of depression from a number of years ago. I had my first child just as covid hit the country. I had to give up work due to childcare. I have a second who's 11m old. Recently I've been feeling overwhelmed, touched out, irritable, constantly tired. I've been making excuses for it. I have two young children. I'm busy. They don't sleep. But it's really starting to effect me. I'm getting headaches. Crying. Shouting. My partner works away and when he's home I don't want to be touched. I just want to be left alone. I don't even want the dog up for cuddles. I don't know if these are just normal feelings or if it's a touch of PND. When I read the symptoms, some I tick, others are so far from it (I've no anxiety for example). Getting an appointment with my GP is extremely difficult. The receptionist wants your life history before she'll even let you speak to the nurse, so I don't want to feel like I'm wasting their time. 🥴 Is it something I should be talking to my GP or someone about? Or is it just the reality of having young kids close together?

Subject: PTSD anybody help me? 2 Replies

  • Started by Jess on Sep 16, 2022
Can anyone help me going out my mind I have PTSD I had baby 5 weeks ago had to go back in when he was a week old I was bleeding I collapsed I had to be rushed to surgery there was bit of placenta left in I had infection in womb also I'm suffering very bad with panic attacks and anxiety never had before they put me on tablets I had to come off them I was worse I don't want to take tablets.can anyone help me please? Is there support groups in cork for it please

Subject: Lost 1 Replies

  • Started by Anonymous on Aug 04, 2022
I am a mother of 4 children from 9 to 4 months. I am so blessed but I am feeling completely overwhelmed. It is just so busy and I feel like I am failing as a mother. I am not giving enough quality time to any of them. I am doing my best and my partner is a great help when he is at home. I am in my head all of the time instead of being in the moment with my beautiful family. I am thinking about the washing, cleaning, organising I have to do. I am snapping with the other kids. This is just not the type of mother I want to be. I cannot stop crying and feel guilty all the time. I am exhausted
  • Started by Claire on Aug 24, 2020
Iv seen a few topics from journalists looking to speak with women about PND. I just want to know if your a journalist please reach out to let me know. I am happy to talk. The stigma needs to be removed. People need to understand PND is a real illness. Not something you can snap out of or get a grip. It’s not something anyone has the right to say how come you can’t cope when others can. I am happy to speak out. I have no shame in saying I suffered and I still suffer. Comments welcome
  • Started by Anon on Apr 12, 2022
I have a 10 month old daughter and over the last 3 months I have completely hit rock bottom.. I dont like the person I have become. I get thoughts that I should run away and end all of these feelings. Ive no confidence anymore. I dont want or ever feel like being intimate with my partner since having my daughter. I cant tell anyone because I dont want them to think im being dramatic. My partner is so loving I know he doesnt deserve this. I hide these feelings everyday from everyone it is exhausting. I did ring GP but cannot be seen for a week as they are busy. I dont know how I will get over feeling so broken and lost. Ive thought about going to A&E before I crack..

Subject: Support Group 7 Replies

  • Started by Roz on Nov 14, 2018
Hi all, I’m looking to chat to mums who are recovered or going through PND PNA. I’m suffering from PNA currently although have started anti depressants and and in therapy. Genuinely can’t believe this is happening to me. I love my LG and adore spending time with her, but can’t shake the anxiety / thoughts. I know it’s something I will get through but would love to have a few friends to discuss with at this hard time x

Subject: PND and guilt 7 Replies

  • Started by Anon on Sep 05, 2019
Hi everyone, I am a mam of 2 children (girl 8 and baby boy 7 months). I was diagnosed with PND when my son was 3 months and was referred to counselling and put on tablets. I was never a person to shy away from my feelings but i just put everything down to the baby blues as i did not suffer with PND with my first child. I had brought my baby in for his first lot of injections and the nurse noticed straight away there was something wrong with me. she was very kind and told me to look for help and to come back if i wanted to speak to someone. it shocked me that a practical stranger had noticed it in me but my family hadn't. the following week was a check up with the health nurse and she told me that I had PND after a quick questionnaire and asked me to go to my GP as she would be speaking to him about it. It took me a month to get myself together and realise i couldn't just ride this wave anymore, i needed to get help for the sake of my family and most importantly myself. While the tablets have definitely put in better form from day to day, i still have good days and bad days. Counselling is wrapping up at the moment, only 1 more session left, and although I have learned a few bits about myself and given me food for thought I still feel horrifically low. My partner is doing the best he can but I just don't think he understands the extent of how much PND can effect you. I find i snap the head off him for no reason and don't have the energy to play with my daughter. And so on top of the PND comes the guilt, I feel guilty that I am not well, I feel guilty that I should be happy but for some reason I'm depressed. I am out sick from work as I was to return to work the beginning of July. The thoughts of work sets me into a panic. Which is unusual because i used to like my job, although it was stressful from time to time. I feel I cannot face work and leaving the kids and house all week. How would I get everything done and spend time with the kids and my partner without spiraling into a deeper depression? Has anyone ever felt like this and returned to work? How did it go? Then there's guilt that the main financial responsibility is on my partners shoulders. Please tell me I am not the only one who if after counselling and anti depressants (high dosage) and time of work still feels like crap? At this point I feel broken and won't be able to ever put the pieces back together.

Subject: Do I have postnatal? 3 Replies

  • Started by Amy on Jun 23, 2018
Kinda nervous to post this but here it goes, I know I will be met with support and understanding from you all. I think I might have postnatal depression but I don’t know. Lately I’ve been feeling really strange. My Mom is currently battling cancer and it all kicked off really abruptly with her being healthy enough and then one day ended up in ICU on a ventilator after her bowel ruptured. They then found a tumour and she now has a ileostomy bag and has lost her hair and so much weight. It’s been so quick and painful for me to watch as she is my best friend and we have no answer about how long she will live. My dad also suffers with depression and has dystonia so I have this sense of guilt when I go home to my house and leave them there. I’m all day every day thinking about my mom and just waiting for more bad news. I’m really struggling with it. I recently started back at work and have been offered a promotion since I returned which is great but I just feel like I’m on autopilot, I don’t relate to any of the girls I work with and feel like they don’t like me every much. I just feel like I can’t be myself around them and I come off cold. It’s like I’m overthinking every situation working along side them and I’ve lost all social capability, which is very strange for me. I don’t feel suicidal at all, like my daughter and husband are my life, I love them so much and they make me so happy but I feel like I’m having an out of body experience all the time. I feel like I can’t be affectionate to my husband as I don’t feel attractive since having my baby and I know it hurts him that I’m like this. I’m eating crap too, just not filling my body with the fuel I need but I just feel so bloody miserable and lost! I know I should go to my GP and get help in some way but I honestly can’t afford the €65 visit and I know she will suggest counseling but I can’t afford it. I also don’t want to go on medication. I’m just wondering will this feeling lift, will of get worse? I’m just scared I’m losing who I am and becoming a shell of my former self. Help!

Subject: Groups in Mayo 6 Replies

  • Started by Kayla on Nov 14, 2016
Hi, does anyone know if there are any support groups in Mayo?

Subject: Feeling worthless and lonely 4 Replies

  • Started by Lara on May 17, 2022
Hi I feel just pretty much like I do not exist and that I do not have my identity anymore. My 3 month old is bit skinny and has head position issues and that makes me sad and I believe I am a bad mum. I also moved to Ireland recently and lost my job so I conoletely depend on my husband financially. I feel nothing more but a housewife and not so good mother and dependent wife. Some how it looks like I am not competent for anything and I am completely a fake person, empty and hollow.
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