Reply to Best 6 months post-partum but after that things started getting really tough

Posted By Anonymous on Jun 18, 2024

Hello! My baby is 16 months and he’s brought so much happiness. The first 6 months together were a dream, sleeping well at night, baby was so sweet and mild-tempered and I was getting together with other friends on maternity leave for coffees and brunch. Things were going so well, much better than I would have expected. From the 6th month onwards, the baby was up and screaming for two hours at night every night. Weaning started so groceries and cooking started taking a toll on me. He also got very active during the day so I started feeling the exhaustion creeping up. My partner was (and still is) going through a stressful time at work, coming back home very late and needing to vent about what happened in the office during the day. I realised I wasn't able to support him because I barely had any energy left for myself. I started feeling so lonely, carrying all the daily tasks from breakfast to bedtime bath and then the night wakings. I felt burned out by the high standards I set out for myself, and I started feeling resentful towards my partner who appeared to be disengaged from the challenges the baby and I were facing all day by ourselves. Baby started daycare a couple of months ago and I was so looking forward to the much-needed me time, only to realise I felt so empty and I don't even know what I enjoy anymore. I'm a playful mum and I have a lovely time with my baby, but I'm so irritable and resentful towards my partner I don't even know how to fix it at this stage. Reading through some of the suggestions and the stories here has made me realise this could actually be PND, but I wouldn't really know how to go about it. I'm also scared of the approach that would be straight into medication?

Posted By Anonymous on Jun 24, 2024

hi there, Have you checked if your baby is teething ? maybe that is the reason the baby is crying, I remember when both my babies started teething was such a tough harsh time for me. I had so many sleepless nights and exhausting mornings for at least 5/6 months till both my babies turned 12months old. Bonjela and calpol helped a good bit I suggest you try it, or visit your GP for an opinion see if it actually is the teeth that is causing the baby to cry.