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Posted By Anon on Jul 21, 2023

Just started on Sertraline for PPD today. Really hopeful that it will work. My GP advised that it can take 3-4 weeks to be fully effective.

Posted By Sharon on Aug 04, 2023

Hey , I started Lexapro 6 weeks ago and getting bad headaches etc so going to be staring sertraline then how are u finding them? Xx took me about 4 weeks before I saw an improvement xx hope ur ok

Posted By Anonymous on Sep 25, 2023

Hi, I have just seen your post. I am in the same position, has the medication started to work for you now?

Posted By Anonymous on Jul 13, 2023

Hi, wondering if anyone else on sertraline anti depressants? How long did it take for them to work? I’m 2 weeks in today and still having major anxiety. It’s usually manageable when my partner is off but then it’s crippling me when he has to go to work. I’m really struggling and not sure whether I just need to give it time or whether I need to change medication. Thanks

Posted By Annie on Aug 22, 2023

can take 3 to 5 weeks for meds to take effect. I suggest you ring your GP and ask. I remember it took me 4 weeks to feel the effect. Maybe GP could give you something extra to tide you over till then. it is hard to have patience every day feels like a week..

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