Post tubal ligation syndrome

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Posted By Petra on May 23, 2024

Hi! I feel exactly the same way and it is driving me crazy. After my second daugter was born 2.5 years ago i started to feel this awful emptiness also and fweling very low. I also was diagnosed with PND and was put on sertraline 4 days ago. I really hope that it will help. Did your doctor suggest some therapy or medication to you?

Posted By Anonymous on Mar 21, 2024

Hi, I have been diagnosed with "untreated/undianosed postnatal depression" after the birth of my son 5 years ago. Shortly after his birth I started to feel very different and the easiest way to describe it is to say I felt empty. It was my 4th C section and I choose to have a tubal ligation. Ever since the procedure my body feels different. I spoke to my G.P. about the drastic changes in my menstrual cycle and if it was anything to do with the procedure, he was very fast to dismiss my concerns. I spent 4 years trying to push down the feeling of anxiety and low moods until eventually I sought help and recieved a diagnosis of PND a few months back. Recently I have learned of post tubal ligation syndrome and a large amount of the symptoms overlap with PND, except it seems to explain the changes in my menstrual cycle also. Has anyone else experienced similar?

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