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  • Started by Julia on Nov 26, 2021
Some time ago I was diagnosed with thrombophilia, but I did not worry or think about it when I was planning to have a baby. My mother also had thrombophilia, but she had me without problems. Everything had change 5 years ago. After many trials and hopes, I managed to get pregnant, but at 36 weeks I lost the girl. They told me that there had been a massive infarction of the placenta and that the baby had died from lack of blood. I still do not understand why and after years it is hard for me to accepted what happened. Also, I have been starting to realize that it is more and more difficult to get pregnant. I was thinking of donating eggs from a specialized egg bank as a solution. My partner is hopeless and does not trust egg donation, but it would be the last attempt I would be willing to make. I live in Cork. Do you know any clinic that works with egg banks that can help me in this case? I'd like to make an appointment with a doctor to see if I can convince my partner to try again. Any opinion would really help me at this point. Hope someone can help me. Thanks.

Subject: Not sure what to do 1 Replies

  • Started by Anonymous on Nov 27, 2021
My baby is nearly 7 months, shes my second. I know on my first if i hadnt gone back to work when i did i was heading down the road of pnd, this time im going back to work a few months later than the last and im just starting to panic and feel like im just not coping. Baby doesnt sleep well at all, waking 4 or sometimes 8 times a night i cant get on top of it. I know writing this its sounds daft but i really feelnits my fault that im doing something wrong to cause the sleep issues. I also feel like im not doing enough for my little boy, family take him quite alot and he lives it but i feel he isnloosing out on mommy time. My husnvand is worse than useless but at times i dont know if thats because i dont allow him to help. Baby is so cranky if shes not with me family dont even seem to like her. Its all becoming very stressful. Added to the fact that im terrified about how i will cope with 2 when i do go bavk to work. I really would like practical advice stratigies etc, going to my gp really isnt an option as i work with them and dont really want to discuss this with them, my actual go who i had a good relationship with has left and i just couldn't face the others and then fave them daily at work (as silly as that sounds) I dont even know if this is just a case of sleep deprivation and mom guilt l, but its getting to the point where if im left alone to think i end up in tears.
  • Started by Anon on Sep 25, 2021
Hi all I hope everyone is good. My precious boy is 15 months old and I love him to bits. I feel I have had pnd for months I had hun in June and up until Christmas was flying it. In the new year I started to feel down and fixate on worrying about my little boy I feel he has been hugely impacted by the pandemic and not seeing many people. I panicked because he wasn’t crawling by the milestone age he did start to crawl. I now panic that he isn’t talking or clapping hands or waving. He gives kisses when you say give kiss and chases me I have been to my gp and she just put me on fenergon for sleep. Have brought my little boy to the phn but she just goes on about how tired and anxious I look. I wake at night worrying there is something wrong. When I wake I dread the day I fixate on playing games with him my husband says just let him lead the play but I see all these mums on social media doing messy play sensory play stacking games etc my lad just wants to fly up and down the hall banging at doors and if I build blocks he just wants to knock them I find the day so long because I feel I don’t know what to do with him I feel so guilty and like he would be better off with someone else. It’s very unfortunate for him he got me as a mum he is so lovely and deserves so much better

Subject: Delayed post natal 2 Replies

  • Started by Shawnie22 on May 12, 2021
I need advice fro u women please my wife 1 year ago had a baby and after a month he went into hospital for a month he is fine now.after this she got delayed post natel depression.she went on meds but an november told me she dosent love me and hasent for 3 years had the baby to save the marriage i then found out she had stopped them when i found an unopened box in the press.during that time she drank alot after x mas she told me she was going to weenoff them but 1 week later she said she was fin.things have been bad since she is telling me she has no feelings for me d marriage is over and wont do anything to work on it.she is so numb wont let me touch her or kiss her she has to force herself to hug me.she said she is fine but i have been trying to ger help from her friends and now she hates me for talking to them behing her back an dats d big issue at the min for the marriage.i know this isnt her she isnt wven the same with the kids anymore just dosent care as much into her apperence more now what should i do

Subject: Antidepressants 1 Replies

  • Started by Carole on Apr 02, 2021
Hi, new to the page. I had my baby seven months ago. Is there such a thing, or have you experienced delayed post natal depression? Or was it there all the time and now I've just put a name on it? Notwithstanding the massive, negative impact Covid is having on my mental health, I always considered myself fiercely independent and strong minded but now, I don't recognise myself at all. I cry for no reason, any reason and I've found myself using the word anxious when this was never in my vocabulary before. I've read here that many have gone to doctors and were prescribed antidepressants however I refuse to go on them because they mask the symptoms rather than deal with the real issues. I suppose I'm wondering, how do I deal with the issues. I'm married and my husband was very understanding but now I don't think he knows what to do, or what to say. I feel that my responses to everything he does is negative and this would just not be the real me.

Subject: Ms 1 Replies

  • Started by Grace on Mar 15, 2021
Hi I have been recently diagnosed with pnd and very much struggling with anxiety. I was commenced on lustral by gp but I reacted to this and had to stop. I have been commenced on amitripline. I was wondering has anyone had this medication and how did you find it?

Subject: Pnd post a traumatic event 4 Replies

  • Started by Sars on Feb 25, 2021
Hi all, hope all safe and well. Sorry to bother ye just wondering has anyone been diagnosed with pnd post a traumatic event. I got covid laat may six weeks after birth of my fourth baby. I had atypical symptoms. Very weak like a paralysis or stroke and couldnt breathe. I ended up in isolation for two wks in hospital away from my family and baby who i was weaning off breast feeding. The hospital experience was hard in that i felt so scared , unknown was horrible. All was coming back fine yet i was not good. They sent a pysch into review me who advised it waa covid. Ive a nursing background which didnt help. However once i got home my mental health deteriorated. I got into a hole of tears and i trusive thoughts consumed me. I eventually went to pnd team and they have been amazing. Im.onmeds and through counselling and cbd im working on everything. Im still all over shop at times with thoughts ...I did have alot on family wise but i thought pnd ansd thoughts were towards new baby. Ive had them with the kids etc. And dark days are certainly less whatever covid did to me. Getting physical.symptoms still which could trigger alot too. So sorry this is so long. Just wondering has pnd come on people post a horrible time post birth. So sorry again for long post

Subject: PND 3 Replies

  • Started by A on Feb 23, 2021
Hey My baby is now nearly 9 weeks old and I've struggled since day 3 with what I thought was baby blues. It got worse and crying every day and have been onto the councillors in the mental health Holles street since week 1.. after many weeks of counselling I decided it was best to try antidepressants as I was not feeling happy and like myself anymore I'm on sertraline now 50mg one week.. anyone else with similar experiences or on the same with similar and positive outcomes? Thanks

Subject: Confused and scared 3 Replies

  • Started by Anne on Feb 21, 2021
Hi. I am a mum to two amazing little girls, aged 2 and 5 months. I'm struggling at the moment and wonder if maybe I might have postnatal depression. My birth went fine and all was fantastic. I'm finding things very hard as my 5 month old is a bad sleeper. We started weaning at 4 months under the advice of my PHN. That's going fine but the baby goes down at night fine, but wakes all through the night for hours sometimes not going back to sleep at all. We give a feed if shes hungry but a lot of the time she doesn't want a feed. We are both exhausted. With covid obviously my 2 year old is home with us so it's a full busy house and theres just no break. We dont have any outside support mainly due to covid restrictions. My husband is due to return to work shortly and I'm afraid I wont cope with the 2 smallies on my own. I also have 2 step children who are here every 2nd wk due to schools being closed so we are home schooling as well. That coupled with a serious lack of sleep is just not helping. My husband is very supportive and hands on but I feel like I'm sinking. I'm teary a lot, I've no interest at all in a physical relationship with my husband and its causing problems. Anybody have similar feelings? I'm really not sure what to do.

Subject: Health anxiety - polyps 1 Replies

  • Started by ALICE on Feb 20, 2021
Hello all, I feel a bit guilty about being on here after so long I have 3 girls I had terible health anxiety after my first two and thought every bump lump and odd looking freckle was cancer. This forum literally saved my life it was Such a support and I got through two years by being on it and listening to great advice and support. I recently went for my first smear after my last baby and doc said my cervix looked great perfectly normal she saw a small polyp just at neck of cervix and therefore referred me straight to colpolscopy unit in the city just to get it removed. She said just a minor thing they are benign not cancerous growths not to be concerned at all as she definately wasn't - just better to get these things early and do something about it when given the chance. She just did a referral letter there and then to colpolscopy as no matter what results come back from the smear I need to get this minor procedure done anyways. So whatever letter comes to me first my smear results or appointment for colpolscopy il definaely be having a procedure no matter what the smear results say. The old anxious feelings and thoughts are back now tripple fold I've cervical cancer, the Dr was just being nice and just didnt want to alarm me - but I definately have it - sure look at Vicky Phelan all the wrongdoings done there,' I'm nauseous can't sleep so guilty when with the kids as I'm short tempered worrying thinking I'm so frightened to leave them, Did anyone else have these polyps discovered on their smear? Could a smear test results show up normal results even with a polyp? I've a couple of weeks to wait and I don't know how il cope waiting? Thank you so much for listening again, such a relief to talk about it in this open forum where I don't feel I'm going crazy Regards ALICE
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