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Subject: Do Support meeting help? 3 Replies

  • Started by Di on Mar 14, 2017
I have PND been advised to go to support meetings nervous I will break down in front of strangers. What if someone there I know?

Subject: PND Again 3 Replies

  • Started by Anne on Mar 10, 2017
Can somebody please help. I just had my second baby only 10 days ago. Ive been feeling very very low and anxious and been have the same awful thoughts that this is it. I did get better the last time though it took a long time. I cant see any happiness or joy at present, im back on meds but theyll take weeks to work. I just need some reassurance. Im very anxious that it will spiral into somethinh worse though i am up and functioning, im just going through the motions each day..i.feel so guilty to. Especially to my firstborn who is 3. Hes such a happy boy and i am currently miserable. My house does not feel like my own and i feel like i'm in a bubble. I am dredging up how i felt the last time and its scary. Xx

Subject: why am I not happy in my home 2 Replies

  • Started by Sue on Feb 16, 2017
I have PND for 4 months, very up and down thats bad enough but think I hate my house (I didn't always feel like this) Dont want to be on my own in the house, when I go out don't want to come back, I feel so lonely all the time. I feel I need to be near my family, my partner dosnt understand he thinks I am imaging things and when I get better all will be ok. I am really obsessed and feel if we move I will get better. Is this normal? it is doing my head in...

Subject: Lost 2 Replies

  • Started by Anita on Feb 16, 2017
Sitting in doctors waiting room, don't know what to tell her when I get in there, can feel myself welling up in my chest. Feeling a bit stupid and a little like a drama Queen
  • Started by Cathy on Jan 11, 2017
The last few months have been very hard I am pregnant with my first baby and have been very depressed. My Doctor assures me it will probably go away when the baby is born, I keep worrying that I will end up with Postnatal Depression. I really need some encouragement is there anyone out there who can help?
  • Started by Emma on Jan 19, 2017
Just after having my fourth child and told I have Postnatal Depression, I cant believe it, I was fine on the other 3 and really didn't think this could happen to me. My GP wants me to go on anti depressants, I am scared and have put off making a decision. At the moment I can hardly decide if I want a cup of tea or what to wear, I was always so sure of myself. Any advice gratefully received.

Subject: Post Natal Depression and PTSD 1 Replies

  • Started by Wendy on Jan 22, 2017
I had my baby in September having suffered two miscarriages previously. It was a difficult pregnancy and I suffered from depression prior to getting pregnant. I was on anti depressants during pregnancy and was good enough moodwise. All I wanted was to breast feed and have skin on skin however I had an emergency c section and baby ended up in neonatal icu so I didn't see her for hours afterwards. I'm back on my previous antidepressants now and not feeling any better. I'm tearful everyday and I can't get out of this black hole. I don't know what to do

Subject: PND again 1 Replies

  • Started by C on Oct 03, 2016
Hi, just after birth of my 3rd child. Was hoping I would avoid PND, I had it after my last two and I suffered with anxiety so much last year I was on antidepressants last yr and for 1st 12 wks of this pregnancy. This pregnancy wasn't planned and it took me awhile to come to terms with it. I came off meds and was doing really well. Now I'm back to where I was...I feel numb since the birth and the feel so low, i just feel I can't do this again, as a family we can't do this again, please help
  • Started by Sheila on Sep 15, 2016
I feel so awfull, I have a lovely baby girl just what I wanted but feel so unhappy and full of anxiety all the time. Am I the only one going through this, every other Mum seems so happy
  • Started by Cathy on Sep 02, 2016
Getting conflicting advice and my head so all over the place don't know what to do. Encouraged to go on anti depressants (I don't want to) I want to go for counselling not encouraged, thought be good idea to go to support meeting to meet other Mums that understand, told I not well enough! surely this would help me? So hard to make decisions when I find it hard to decide what to wear etc. Any advice would really help.
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