Reply to why did no one tell me how hard it would be?

Posted By Anonymous on Mar 07, 2019

My baby is 3 months and I love her to bits but I cant believe how hard it is being a first time Mum. I am so anxious all the time feel I haven't slept for weeks. I am so lonely, thought minding a baby be easy, all my friends are working, no family close bye.She isnt a great feeder so seems to take for ever, think I worst Mum in world, please tell me it will get better?

Posted By Anonymous on Mar 07, 2019

You are being very hard on yourself and the first few months are hard for everyone even though most mums dont let on. Believe me it will get better, take one day at a time. Check a Mother and Toddler group near you, they can be a great support

Posted By First time mum on Mar 11, 2019

Hi I feel exactly the same way, feel very anxious a lot of the time but working hard to keep it normal. Why does it make ya feel so lonely my husband says it as well. Today was pretty tough that’s how I ended up on here

Posted By First time Mum on Mar 11, 2019

Ya = us

Posted By Anonymous on Mar 11, 2019

Being first time mom is hard and can be very lonely. The days can be looong and short at the same time. Having no family or friends near by say it's so hard. Try a group. You got this xxx

Posted By Deirdre on Mar 12, 2019

It's 12 years since my first child was born and I still remember how difficult I found those early months. I especially feel your pain of not having any family nearby as I too was in the same situation. In some ways it has its advantages i.e not inundated with visitors and making endless cups of tea and having to keep the house tidy and making sure you have decent biscuits. But there is always a but.... the loneliness and craving adult company can be crippling. The best support will be other mothers going through the same experience as you so locate your local parent and toddler group, if your in a rural area these mothers will be your friends as your kids will hit pre-school together. Make sure these are women who keep it real!! The other main advice I would give you is to look after yourself really well, a good tonic from the health food shop to restore minerals and vitamins, rest when you can, eat well, and look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself what a goddess you are for bringing new life into this world and your doing a fantastic job. Let the minor stuff go, you'll take care of it later, a lovely parent resource as your baby grows up is a facebook page The Way of the Peaceful Parent. And if your can keep it peaceful everyday your a saint!! Best of luck Cathy it does pass, nothing stays the same, I just wish they didn't grow up so dame fast, every stage has its challenges and lots of fun too x.......I was on this page doing research for my PND project, and the most important thing I've learnt is peer support, women need to stick together and support one another x

Posted By Sue on Apr 10, 2019

It is hard having a baby the first few months are hard going, we feel anxious which is hard to cope with, we are all expected to know automatically how to be a mother but we have no training I just found taking one day at a time, you learn as you go along. I remember that lonely feeling when all my friends at work. I found a Mother and toddler group and it was a great support and got me out of the house