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Subject: PND at 8 months 1 Replies

  • Started by AD on May 17, 2020
Hi, Looking for some advice. Have been feeling really low since the birth of my girl last year. I experience bad days of crying and once or twice and had thoughts along the lines of leaving or “what would happen if I wasn’t here and how would I do it”. My doctor thinks my feelings are proportional to the current situation of isolation but I worry that it is more than that. Wondering if counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy is useful in PND, or is medication the only route? I would love to feel happy and strong again, for everyone’s sake but not sure where to start. Thank you

Subject: PND at 20 months 1 Replies

  • Started by Amanda on May 15, 2020
Hi All, I was diagnosed with PND when my daughter was 20 months old, i have been taking lexapro 20mg since October, i have had some counselling sessions i also speak with my work company doctor and health at work nurse aswell as my own GP. I felt I was starting to feel better in myself but over the last month or so i feel like i am gone backwards, somedays are good days others are really bad,. i feel tired all the time, i have normal conversations with family/friends and my husband but if i was asked what the conversation was about the next day i wouldn't be able to say, I am so disconnected. Has anyone else felt like this?

Subject: Miss 2 Replies

  • Started by Katie on Apr 28, 2020
Hi there I am a first time mom my little man is 8 weeks and suffering with colic. Since 3 weeks I feel so low teary and full of dread fear and anxiety daily. I can't or sleep. He's an extra special baby as I had 3 miscarraige prior to this. I'm.on meds but they haven't yet kicked in. I feel so lonely and awful all the time and I hate feeling like this it should be such a happy time..Any advice appreciated and if there is anyone in the same position. Will it ever get easier? Katie

Subject: Returning to work with PND 38 Replies

  • Started by Anon on Mar 19, 2019
Hi ladies. I'm a mom of two, a little girl now 6 and little boy 4months old. I suffered so badly with my first and it wasn't until she was 6months old that I sought help from my gp and realised it was PND. We planned baby number 2 and I had a plan in place with my gp should this happen again and sure enough those feelings began to come back and I started on Strenaline and was doing fantastic. I felt I was being very pro active with my mental health and swore for the sake of my first born I would ensure I got help as soon as I noticed any signs. Now I'm beginning to feel very low, uninterested again (even though I'm on the max dose) and i feel all this is due to me having to return to work the end of next month. I dont feel mentally ready to juggle all this and go back to work and leave my kids, it's making me feel so so anxious. Any mom's in the same position?

Subject: PND at 6months 3 Replies

  • Started by Aisling on Apr 10, 2020
My little boy is gone 6 months and I have been suffering with pnd since he was about 4 months and I didnt realise until I just broke down last week. I had been putting on a face for everyone and crying by myself at night. Finally broke after my partner begged me to get some help and that things weren't right. Have just started taking medication but i feel in no way fit to return to work. I have absolutely zero motivation to do anything and just tired all of the time. Is anyone else in the same situation?

Subject: Birth Trauma & PND 3 Replies

  • Started by CC on Oct 08, 2019
Hi Mums, I went through a difficult birth with my daughter 10 months ago. I was induced, 17 hours of back labour which ended up with an emergency c section, post partum heamorage and blood transfusion. The first night I had to stay in acute care and couldn’t look after my baby because I was so ill so she spent her first night in the special baby’s unit. All this affected my milk supply and long story short it never came in and I never got to BF despite really wanting to. I’m now going through post natal depression and anxiety. I’m taking anti depressant and attending counseling. I’m wondering if the birth might have had an impact on the reason why I developed PND and my bond with my baby and would like to hear other mums experiences of birth trauma and PND.
  • Started by PND on Apr 22, 2020
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Subject: Does 31 Dec meeting is on 1 Replies

  • Started by Anna W on Dec 30, 2019
I'm looking to start going to meetings to seek some help and understanding. I tried to deal with my mental issues on my own and I hit the wall. Just wonder if tomorrow (New Year Eve) meeting is on in Cork Maternity hospital? Don't want to go all the way to find out no one showed up. I rang number of times the pnd landline but no response.

Subject: Group in Limerick 5 Replies

  • Started by Emah on Apr 15, 2016
Just wondering what support groups are available in Limerick area. Playgroups aren't ideal as by the time I get my toddler there she is tired and I'm just shadowing her from trying to go out door so doesn't give me chance to talk to other moms, feel so isolated!
  • Started by Anonymous on Mar 04, 2020
Hi, I was at my Gp Monday of last week (10 days ago) as I have pnd and anxiety. He put my on 10mg Lexapro. I'm not sure that it has helped much so far. Does it get worse before getting better? I'm due back to work in 8 weeks and am returning on promotion. I am unsure that I will be well enough for the extra responsibility and pressure. Has anyone any idea about whether pnd is general sick leave or still pregnancy related? That's if I am not well enough. Also, should I tell my employer the scenario now as they really are depending on me returning due to staffing needs etc. Thanks!
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