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Posted By Anonymous on May 05, 2019

My boy is 10 months and I’m miserable a lot. He has never been a sleeper, although he has improved he still wakes 2-3 times a night. We had about 3 weeks of sleeping through although he still woke at 5am but then he got sick. He doesn’t eat just wakes whinging. Then he’s up for the day at 5am. Naps are a fight and he will only sleep in his pushchair. I should add aside from that he is the sweetest happiest little boy. I on the other hand am crumbling. I had my boy abroad and after a difficult birth struggled. I put it down to the blues. Before my boy arrived my father in law died and why baby was 6 months we decided to move back to Ireland. Needless to say we’ve had a lot of change and it’s taking its toll. Some days I don’t want to wake up as everything feels so hard. I have no friends, don’t go out at night and do very little for myself. I look at friends who are so chilled and I seem to spend all my time trying to put him asleep, whilst their babies sleep away. With all the stress my marriage is falling apart. My husband tries so hard but he is struggling so much too. I don’t know where to start, there are no meetings near me and I don’t feel close enough to my gp to speak to him. I love my son and do everything with him but I miss my old life and then feel guilty. My family are lovely but they just don’t get it and keep telling me to chill out.

Posted By Susan on May 07, 2019

You have been through so much, not easy having a baby but when you have to move to a different country makes this harder. It is so hard when babies dont sleep we all find it so difficult, you said he up at 5am which seems so early, wonder what time do you put him down to bed? Is the baby in his own room? We all need our own space. Have you tried white noise you can down load it on your phone I know some find it very good. Lots of babies find it hard to nap but walking usually helps and if he sleeps in the buggy thats ok, all babies are different, some will only sleep in the car. I know we all compare ourselves to friends but the old saying goes nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors, we need to stop compairing ourselves to others it just dosent help. You need to talk to your GP that is what they are there for, how do you get on with your Public Health Nurse maybe you could talk to her. Is there a Mother and Toddler group in your area, its a great way to meet other mums, so important to get out and meet other people. Cant count how many times I was told I probably only had the baby blues that is why you need to talk to GP and get proper diagnosis. Get out of the house so important, walking really helps.

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