Reply to Dublin

Posted By Anonymous on Dec 11, 2018

Hi everyone, I’m a Mum of a two year old little boy and I think I have been struggling with post natal depression for a long time. I am coming out of the other side however pregnant now and terrified of it getting worse. How I’ve suffered is by losing all sense of self and confidence, I know I’m a good Mum but I have left everything else’s in my life completely slip. I know there are monthly meet ups in Cork, but I’d love to know are there any mums in the dublin area. A support groups would be amazing as a first step to getting out of my new shell in a safe place. In the meantime - lucky Cork ;)

Posted By Mags on Dec 11, 2018

Hi thanks for getting in touch, PND is so hard and I know what you mean about it rocking your confidence but it will come back, important to look on positives. As you said you a good Mum and that is so important, it is hard work and can also be exhausting and if you pregnant you will be more tired. Are you on medication? It is hard to keep the other sides of your life going when your children are small but it would be good for you to meet up with a friend every so often it is important to get out of the house and have some space for yourself. Unfortunately we have tried numerous time to get groups going in Dublin but they didnt survive (it is hard work despite what people think) Do check with your Public Health Nurse to see if there is something available (we dont often hear) Support groups so important to realise you not on your own and meet in a safe place and get advice from other Mums. Feel free to ring the office 021 4922083 and talk to somone that has been there. Look up helpfull suggestions, they do help