PND and employment

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Posted By Anonymous on Jan 10, 2019

Hi, I've been suffering with PND since my LG was born, in fact truth be told I think I've been suffering since the birth of my first LG. My daughter is now a year old and I've been out of work due to the PND and stress for 5 months. Although the company doctor agrees with my doctor that I am not ready to return, my employers insurance company says I am and has even provided a date for when I have to return. I haven't slept since I was told this and I'm not sure I can cope with it at the moment. Has anyone else experienced this?

Posted By Anne on Jan 17, 2019

I can still remember when I had to go to work Doctor it is so distressing and it effected me the same way full of anxiety and not being able to sleep. I got a reprieve of a month but that was it I either had to go back to work or give up my job. I was so scared that I wouldn't be able to cope, what a stress or. I did go back to work and after the first day it was like I never away. I must say once I got used to it I really found it helped me meeting my friends and getting out of the house. I was lucky that I was able to only work three days, some employers can be very accommodating. Hope things work out for you.

Posted By Recovered mum of 2! on Mar 13, 2019

Hi, can the company appeal to the insurance crowd? Surely when both doctors are on your side the insurance company have to follow their professional advice. I know they can be so difficult to deal with - my friend went through something similar with a different illness. I do agree with Anne though, going back to work after maternity leave actually helped pull me out of my PND. I dreaded going back even though i really struggled through maternity leave. Going back to work I had adult interactions again, had to get up and get dressed every morning, and felt more like my pre-babies self again! Hope it all works out for you whatever happens X

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