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Subject: What to do 2 Replies

  • Started by Lisa on Nov 25, 2014
Hi everyone, This is my first time posting anywhere like this. I have a beautiful little boy, 5 months old. since last weekend all Ive done is cry! I have moments where I have actually lost my breath. I always said to myself if there is even a hint of PND I was off to the doctors, which I did. She agreed that there was a depression there and prescribed me Prozac and a counsellor. I tried to explain exactly how I was feeling to goes.... I have a good life, good husband, good job, nice home, good friends etc. My father was recently diagnosed with cancer, and although the doctors seems positive about a recovery, I have become obsessed with both my parents dying. I cant cope with the thought of being on this planet without them. Even typing this is making me really upset. My mum is in good health, was at the doctors last year and apart from B12 all was good. My dad took his diagnosis v bad, and I think because of the hormone therapy, his short term memory is shot to bits.. its v hard to watch him shuffle about now, He's only a shadow of the man he was 12 months ago. This is all taking its toll on my mum, who is exhausted. I have more or less cried non stop since sunday morning. Im just exhausted. What do I do, is this PND or Depression? Thank you xx
  • Started by Claire on Nov 18, 2014
Hi Everyone, Just discovered this site and wanted to share my story with anyone who has concern over there own mental health. I was an extremley outgoing fun person, always the person cracking the jokes on a night out, life was fun and i loved it. I never thought i would be one of many who would suffer with depression in my life. I recall going to my first hospital appointment and getting a pack. In the pack was a PND leaflet, i didnt even read it - me? no way! The lead up to my due day, i worked hard, i had a stressful job - ambitious career woman, stayed away in hotesl alot but loved my job. Due day came, 10 days over - induction, i can honestly say i was tramuatised after the birth of my son. laboured all the way , then emergency C section - i had NO idea how hard it would all be. Then there he was, this beautiful little 10lb bundle looking at me - and i was zoned out. I should have known, i had constant high when i was in hospital - was on TOP of the world, hyper, couldnt sleep at night, in the hospital or at home. WIRED to the moon - then the PHN called and advised me to try rest. My husband did the ngiht feeds, but i got up each time to make sure he did it right. OCD kicked in, i had to keep the house spotless, everything had to be right for my baby, he slept and i cleaned, no one could feed him right, no one could hold him right. Resentment kicked in, bad thoughts entered my head - did i love him? did he love me? Am i showing him enough love? I felt cold, tired and useless. it caught up on me, i stoped showering everyday like a used too, i avoided going out, i felt ugly, smelly, concious! I felt everyone stared at me in a restaurant when i held my baby, or fed him - was i doing it right, am i been judged? Anxiety kicked in- it felt like my nerves shook in public. If he cried, i just tightened up, it was like a tremendous stress to try and console him. My husband had no idea, i hid it well, but i snapped at him, was constantly downing his ability to mind our son. He couldnt do anything right. One night, 3 months in, i sat on her bed and i cried, boy did i cry - i wanted to end the pain i was causing him, me, our son. I never harmed him, but i had disturbing thoughts of someone taking him away, kidnapping him - how would i feel if that happened, would i be sad? That was the end for me- i went to counselling that week, then to my GP whent on lexapro immediately. It took awhile, had to increase the dose, but 11 months on i feel a little normal. I am stressed with my line of work, but i juggle,its difficult and only a few weeks ago i could actually handle my son in public if he was upset, with the feeling of PANIC come over me. I am not there yet, but i am getting there. There is NO shame in have PND, it can happend ANYONE. IT had been a long road, with lots of bends and will continue to be but my son is amazing, i love him more and more each day.

Subject: Joanne 1 Replies

  • Started by Joanne on Nov 17, 2014
It's just over a year since i started taking meds for PND.. Yes they are working. Stupidly about 2 months ago, I thought I was feeling great and stopped taking them.. Cold turkey.. Oh the sickness was awful. I didn't realise what was wrong. I was sick and dizzy and just in General felt awful. Then the lack of ability to cope sank in.. I knew I had to start taking them again. I'm back to normal again. Well, 'my' normal. I'm due to see my doctor again next month. Today, my daughter is almost 18 months old, but today I really finally feel I fell in love with her. She is so beautiful and perfect with the most chubbiest legs ever!! Oh god, I adore this child. I always loved her. But the love I felt today I never thought I was capable of. I am looking to the day where I won't need medication to cope. I'm afraid it the meds that are making me love my girl. I want to believe I love her on my own. Has anyone else ever felt like this?

Subject: Post Natal Anxiety 1 Replies

  • Started by Sharon on Nov 14, 2014
Yes anxiety is so bad and yet it took all my confidence, I couldnt make a decission on my own but TG I got better it took time. Marion Keys the writer was talking about her depression on the radio on Saturday and she said some days she had to just get through one minute at a time. What helped her TV, just getting lost in a kids film. In the middle of the night when she couldnt sleep she baked (I never had that energy) a friend cleaned out her kitchen!! not me either, you need to find what is a distraction for you. Effexor eventually worked for me, it could take 8 weeks for higher dose to kick in, check with your GP. Just keep telling yourself you will get better and dont forget to get some exercise every day, it really helps
  • Started by Di on Jan 15, 2015
Some discussions wont allow me to answer, says there is an error, are ye aware of this?

Subject: siobhan 3 Replies

  • Started by it does get better! on Mar 19, 2015
Siobhan this is interesting. I went to a nutritionist and all my vitamins were extremely good besides my iron levels which I was able to rectify. My depression got so bad that i was actually nearly at the point of screaming all the time,im on medication now but yes I am so confused though regarding the nutrition end of things, why wasn't i ok, if all my vitamins were so good?? I might just go back to my nutritionist and see what her feedback is on this. at the time i didn't realise i was suffering i just thought this was how every other mother was feeling with their first baby.

Subject: My husband doesn't understand 0 Replies

  • Started by Clair on Jan 15, 2015
Clair I know how you feel, men really find it hard to understand and really I dont think they can. Try to talk to him when you having a good day, tell him what helps you. He is worried and probably has nobody to turn to, men find it hard to share about private stuff. Have you taken him to the GP with you, this might be a help. Do you know if you have a Support meeting in your area? It helps to hear other peoples stories.
  • Started by annmarie on Oct 28, 2015
here I am, almost six years after you posted this. You've reminded me that I can do this. Brave, strong women ask for help. Thank you. So much. xxxxxxx
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