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Posted By Dee on Mar 20, 2015

Hi is it possible to recover from PND without taking medication ? I'm breastfeeding and I'm not sure about possible effects on my baby. I started taking antidepressants yesterday but felt really sick. Plus I was on antidepressants in the past for a number of years and I would really prefer not to have to be on meds long term again. I'm really not sure what to do

Posted By Maggie on Mar 20, 2015

Hi Dee, I know we worry abouts the medication and hate taking it but your GP must have figured you needed it. There are certain anti depressants that you can breast feed with. I know it is such a hard decission to make and what is worse is when you feel bad from the side effects. There are lots of helpfull suggestions here on the website that I found really helped me, I am affraid it takes time and lots of support. Are you any where near Cork, I went to their Support meetings and found it so helpfull, being able to talk to Mums in the same situation is such a support. The next meeting is Tues 31st march or ring Madge / Jean in the office 021 4922083 for a helpfull ear....

Posted By Ciaran on Apr 15, 2015

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Posted By Bola on Sep 12, 2015

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