Reply to am I doing the right thing??

Posted By leanne on Feb 24, 2015

Hi I had my little girl 6 months ago and was diagnosed with PND 4 months ago I have since been taking antidepressants and have been feeling much better since Christmas. I had to give up my small business altogether due to not being able to take the stress of it anymore and have felt a big weight lifted of my shoulders since. So I've been enjoying my baby and my older daughter and lots of love and laughs with my partner again, I got rid of all my social media accounts and my phone number so all I have in my life is my family and I feel like this has healed me. I am very happy at home with my family,I exercise everyday and cook healthy meals for everyone. But when I leave the house I feel horrible, I hate having to do food shopping,doing the school run and bumping into people I know. I was offered a small part time job and thought I might take it but the more I thought about it the more I panicked and have now decided I can't, I don't want to leave my baby and I feel sick and panicked when I think of leaving my happy bubble. But am I wrong in not taking it as we could do with the extra cash, should I try push myself??

Posted By Maggie on Feb 26, 2015

Hi I love your bubble sounds great. I am the other extreme I cant stay at home and love to be out. I think you did the right thing about your business, even thought it must have been hard, it was dragging you down. When I have a bad day I am like you dread going to the school and the supermarket, I am affraid that somone will talk to me and guess that I am bad!! The part time job sounds good to me but really important that you would not be under pressure. Really only you can decide, good luck.