Do Support Groups Help with PND

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Posted By Lisa on Apr 28, 2015

I have been told that support groups really help with Postnatal Depression, I am very nervous to go in case I meet someone I know. I know this sounds stupid but only my family knows and I am affraid that I would be judged. I have been to the GP and am on antidepressants but I really feel I need support from people that understand this horrible illness.

Posted By Joan on Apr 29, 2015

Hi Lisa I agree its a terrible illness and so few people understand, I remember feeling so alone and affraid and often felt like I was never going to be the old me again. I was on medication but thought it was never going to work. I so needed somone to talk to that had been in my shoes and come out the other side. I found a Support ~Group in Cork and like you was nervous as to who would be there but then had to remind myself if somone there I knew they were going through the same thing. I brought my Husband mainly for support and was hopeing he would get something out of it as well. I spoke to Madge on the phone beforehand and she was so encouraging we decided to go. To say a weight was lifted off my shoulders, to be able to sit and listen to those brave women baring all was inspiring for the first time in months I did not feel alone. I couldnt stop talking it was like the flood gates opened all the supressed emotions came tumbling out. We got lots of coping advice and everyone was in good spirits, we laughted more than we cried, to say it was a tonic is putting it mildly. Its not enough to give somone tablets, we need advice, support, encouragment and a friendly ear or two from people we trust.. these women changed my life.

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