post natal anxiety about my health, keep thinking im going to die

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Posted By francis on Mar 06, 2015

Hello, back here again after 2nd pregnancy, im so worried about my health, I had this last pregnancy also, kept thinking every niggle was something more serious. My neww baby is so good i feel so guilty. This time a week post birth my breasts extermely sore, after milk came in, I wos bottle feeding so just waiting for swelling soreness to go back down, noticed small lumps around breast when swollen, went to gp and he said just milk ducts etc, went a week until swelling to go back down, some disappeared and some small lumps left, doctor not concerned at all, saying they were breasts cysts but just wants me to have ultrasound, as refrence point for the future and so be absolutly sure, my anxiety levels have skyrocketed since, I can think of nothing else, obsessing that I have breast cancer, im going to die, and my small kids will be left with no mum, nevermind my husband. How will I last until the ultrSound date,? Ive told my husband, he is great, but just tells me to relax, more than likely milk ducts clogged etc.. which is reassuring but he is out all day working, sorry to go on..anyone else have similar experience? Tks for listening

Posted By Jenny on Mar 10, 2015

I was also obsessed about my health and wouldnt listen to anyone, I just couldnt let it go, it was so hard on my husband. I eventually went to a councillor and it really did help. At least you have done something about your fear and you have an appointment, just try to take one day at a time and get some exercise, maybe consider the councillor it definately helped me and she put my obsession in context.

Posted By francis on Mar 13, 2015

Many thanks jenny, gud advice, tks for relying, even that is reassuring hearing about ur similar experience,

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