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  • Started by Maria on Sep 22, 2016
I have postnatal depression, have been to GP and on a load of tablets and dont feel any better. I dont know what to do and affraid that I will get addicted. Cant believe I feel so terrible didnt think this could happen after having a baby.

Subject: Pre natal depression 1 Replies

  • Started by on Sep 20, 2016
Hi all. I'm just wondering if anyone has suffered with pre natal depression. I had PND after my LO who is a year old and I'm now 11 weeks pregnant. But some of the feelings I've been getting lately remind me of how I was feeling before.

Subject: Where do I start? 2 Replies

  • Started by Anon on Dec 11, 2015
It started about 3 weeks after I gave birth to my second back in September. I was becoming increasingly angry all the time. One minute I'd be fine next minute I'd be like someone posessed. Then came the tears and lots of them. I feel down, isolated, lonely and cry most days. I'm getting plenty of sleep as baby sleeps all night and I thought once that started I'd feel better but I don't. Where do I even begin to get help? I haven't told anyone how I'm feeling.

Subject: Had really bad birth experience 1 Replies

  • Started by Annie on Nov 12, 2015
Hi Annie I can relate to this but time is a great healer, have you discussed your bad experience with your Maternity Hospital? Councilling can be helpfull with a qualified councillor. I remember after I had my first baby people were putting me under pressure to have number two. You need time to enjoy your baby.

Subject: low self esteem 4 Replies

  • Started by Rosie on Oct 30, 2015
My daughter is 1 year old but I'm still suffering from low self esteem to the point where I hate even looking in the mirror. I used to be able to talk to my other but he can't cope with me anymore feeling so bad about myself. I have nobody to talk to. I want the old me back, has anyone else felt like this? And if so, did you ever get back to feeling good about yourself?
  • Started by D on Oct 12, 2015
Have been feeling bad now for last two months. Have three kids youngest is 11 months. Have terrible worries about my own mental health. Worrying that I'm going to end up being institutionalized and that I will loose myself completely. Did anyone else have these crazy worries??? I have just started meds and am chatting to a therapist.

Subject: Getting through the day 3 Replies

  • Started by Emma on Apr 15, 2016
We had an unplanned pregnancy when I was in the last 3 months of my masters degree. I was never diagnosed, because being at uni in another county meant I was never able to get to my GP, but I believe I had ante and now post natal depression. I've had depression throughout my life so I know what it is. Now I'm in a job I hate and had to take to facilitate life with a baby. She's 19 months and the best thing ever. But I'm empty. I feel shortchanged for having to give up the life I was so close to having after the degree (was not able to pursue a career in what I studied due to the nature of the industry, media- lack of stability starting out) and am now stuck with paying off college fees for the next 5 years. We can't save for a house or afford to get engaged. And I feel I've shortchanged her because I wasn't ready to be a parent, and I'm not a great example because I messed up and didn't succeed. And I wasn't strong enough to persevere and make my own career despite of it all. I'm a completely different person to who I was before I got pregnant and I don't like who I am now. And that's the version of me she's getting and I hate that. I'm also not being good enough for my partner, and we have pretty much shut ourselves off from each other and are more like room mates. It's gotten to a point where I can't keep doing any of it, and I need to fix it so we can all be happy and live the lives we deserve. I just don't know how to go about doing it exactly. I eat well, exercise, journal, but nothing has helped so far. I have been on medication before and I don't like it, so would not be willing to go there again. I also have pretty bad physical issues since having her, and may need surgery on my hip/pelvis. So constant pain and discomfort isn't helping either. Anyone have a similar experience, or advise?

Subject: Worried 1 Replies

  • Started by on Aug 28, 2015
I don't think my baby loves me at all and that she blames me for her having to have an operation for pyloric stenosis and being starved for the week before it, now every time she's hungry and has to wait for her bottle to cool down its like she thinks I'm going to starve her again.... She always cries and gives out when I have her but is fine when someone else holds her.. We used to be so in love and now it's like she can't stand me.....I just find it so upsetting and wish she would like me so I can love her properly
  • Started by Liz on Aug 28, 2015
You sound so like me I thought it was going to be so easy as I thought I knew it all from the first time, but no it wasnt easy trying to mind 2 babies and trying to breast feed, the older one always seemed to want something when I sat down to feed. This is where TV comes in handy or getting someone to take the older one off for as hour to give you a break, I am sure there are lots of people you can ask. The first few months are really hard going so any support you are offered take it. You are doing brillant to have BF for 2 months you have given your little girl a great start. You dont have to struggle in silence, talk to your GP your Public Health Nurse they are there to help. Very important to try to get some exercise for yourself, even a short walk will stand to you.
  • Started by Katie on Aug 11, 2015
Hi Katie, oh I remember it well and it will go away, try to stay posotive (which I know is so hard) go out for a walk, just get out of the house, wallowing will not help. It is hard to get over the last bit, I think we get very impatient at the end and just want it gone. Keep talking it really helps. I found keeping a mood diary really helped to keep my confidence going. One day at a time and you will get there.
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