Reply to Lexapro (generic name escitalpram)

Posted By Anonymous on Jun 08, 2019

Hi , I was wondering if anyone has taken lexapro for been anxious ? How did you find it in beginning? I have a 12 week old baby and a very active 3 year old. I was getting quite anxious but not depressed. The doctor asked me if I wanted to try somthing to help . She prescribed 5mg of escitalopram generic brand of lexapro to be taken daily for a week then 10 mg to be taken after one week. I'm on it 5 days and feel way worse than I was before. I rarely ever get down now I feel really depressed and anxious. The doctor said it actually makes you feel worse before it makes you feel better. I'm sorry I went on them at all and just want to come off them. How has anyone else found them ?

Posted By susan on Jun 14, 2019

I got terrible side effects myself and really wondered if I had done the right thing. It takes a week to 10 Days for them to get into your system, you have done most of the hard work and it is true we feel worse before better, it is very hard but it will settle down. I found the anxiety very hard to cope with and it is the main symptom of Post natal depression, try to distract yourself, get out for a walk meet someone for coffee go window shopping, talk to someone. you trust. You will get through this, take one day at a time. If no improvement in next few days get back to your GP. Have you been on to PND Irl 021 4922083 so important to talk

Posted By Anonymous on Jun 15, 2019

Hi Susan, thank you so much for your reply. How are you feeling now? How long did the anxiety last? Did the medication help and did you still have days when you got anxious even on medication? I went to GP on Monday, she said stay on 5 mg until side effects gone or a few weeks time then up it to 10mg. I still have tightness and anxiousness in my chest at times. I was so happy and relaxed a few months ago. Thanks again for replying.