Reply to First time mother not coping

Posted By Anonymous on Sep 21, 2018

Hi, I had my first baby 5 weeks ago. All along I don't think I felt 100%, was always wondering if I had enough love for my son. This week I have gotten much worse. I can no longer eat, and have no energy as a result. I don't want to be anywhere near my son, have no interest in him at all. My doctor has told me I have post natal depression, and has put me on medication. Will these feelings go away? How long will it take? Will I be able to bond with my son and enjoy him? Thanks

Posted By Mags on Sep 27, 2018

It takes a while to adjust to being a Mum, we have huge expectations and sometimes it dose not live up to it up. You need to give yourself a chance your baby is still very young, try to take one day at a time. How was your birth experience? it can have an effect on how you feel. glad you have been to your GP takes a while for meds to kick in. It takes time for us all to get used to having a new baby around. He is your child and is part of you, just take things gently and be sure to take him for a walk the weather is so beautiful. Keep a diary of your moods morning afternoon and evening and any small things you have achieved with your baby. It will get better u must be patient, give lots of cuddles. I went through this and it is a terrible feeling but I got better with the support of my husband and family. Get people to help you as much as possible. have you considered going to a councilor, it might help to give it a go for a few sessions. Ring the office 021 4922083 if you want to talk.

Posted By Bev on Oct 05, 2018

Hi, Reading your post is like looking back at myself 9 months ago although it was my 2nd baby. I too didn't want to be around my beautiful little boy, was crying and anxious. I went to my doctor who prescribed fluoxetine, I will admit I felt alot worse before feeling better but after about 2 weeks I started feeling a bit brighter but thays can take up to 6 weeks to kick in properly. I thought I'd never get my bond back with my baby but I did and it's stronger than ever thank god... so believe me I know exactly how you are feeling and i can tell you it WILL get better ❣ take any help you are getting and talk about how you are feeling. I really hope you feel a bit brighter soon and remember you are not alone. You'd be amazed how many women you know that have suffered with pnd. Please let me know how you are doing?! Best wishes Bev. X

Posted By Cora on Jan 01, 2019

Hi, I’m so sorry you’re feeling this way! It’s such an overwhelming time for you. I know it’s a few months since you posted so I hope you’re someway brighter and better. I had PND following my sons birth in 2016 and I struggled. I was overwhelmed, struggling and thought I made such a big mistake. I even wanted to hand him over to someone else that could cope better. I started on medication Lexapro (I had a bout of depression/anxiety after my mam died in2014) so I had tried Lexapro before but weaned off them. In about 3 weeks I felt a lot more able to manage and after 6/8 weeks I was coping better and enjoying my son! I got out exercising too & made an effort to try sleep with him when he was sleeping. The sleeping I think made it all worse! Anyway I’m pregnant now on my 2nd and I’m terrified as I’m on Lexapro long term but I spoke to GP and we both feel it’s best decision to avoid PND again. You’ll bond with your baby and you’ll never look back. Just get the support and sleep you need. Big love xxx