Reply to I am worried about my wife and dont know where to turn.

Posted By Emma on Mar 14, 2018

Pat it takes a lot of adjustment to being a Mum, there is so much pressure to be super Mum also it is not easy and takes time to get used to the pressures of having a baby. The first few months are very tiring, none of us get training on how to be a Mum we just learn as it goes along. I think ur wife is unsure and scared and takes it out on you. Very important that you support as much as you can, encourage her try to talk about the issues and encourage her to go to her GP and to talk to her Public Health Nurse. Women dont talk about how hard it can be to be a new mum

Posted By Anonymous on Mar 13, 2018

Worried about wife not been good sin birth of baby, she very snappy with me , crying a lot, puting her5self under pressure to be perfect Mum. What should I do

Posted By Antoinette on Apr 05, 2018

Try to reassure her. Try to be her friend and advocate. Try to be there. Try to understand that she might be frightened scared worried. Be you the man she loves. Try to make her see what she is doing right. Simply put be there.