Reply to So hard to try to pretend that all ok, so hard at Christmas

Posted By Anonymous on Dec 19, 2016

Have a toddler of 3 and a baby of 8 weeks and feel so awful, dont want to do anything, no interest in Christmas, presents, decorations. seeing everyone else so happy makes me worse. How am I going to get through this next week, did go to GP put me on tablets and I just dont know what happening. Dont know what to do, please help.

Posted By Jean on Dec 30, 2016

Hope you are ok, Christmas is hard on everyone but much worse when you have PND the stress of getting everything done is so hard, we hate asking for help but we must. Hope it went ok, so glad it over till next year.. How long on medication? most of us suffer from some side effects until they get into out system. It is important to go back to your GP as the medication might need to be adjusted. Look at helpful suggestions they do help. Share with someone that understands like a support group, women that have been there.