Reply to PND

Posted By Anonymous on Dec 22, 2017

Thank you so much for the message Jill it couldn't have come at a better time. I cried when he left but I was fine nothing happened and the kids were so good I was fearing the worst and in the end it didn't happen!! You are so right i feel i just need reassurance and hugs and to know he cares and that I am a good mammy. he has a lot going on and his focus is elsewhere hopefully Christmas will bring us together as a family. Merry Christmas to you and your family x

Posted By Anonymous on Dec 14, 2017

Any advice from mothers with PND and how they got through it with their partner? I've been diagnosed with PND and prescribed medication but I'm reluctant to take it. I'm waiting for my first counselling session. Im really feeling the strain on my relationship at the moment we've had a rough year and lost loved ones through in baby's arrival and now pnd we're having a stressful time. I'm tired all the time and struggling to keep up with the house and my 2 kids I'm emotional and feel like I just need a break to recentre I'm doing my best but my partner and I just seem to be fighting I don't think he understands how I feel when I try and talk to him about it he goes in to solution mode but it's not what I need. for example he's a few things on over the next 4 days and is pulled away so I'm left to manage the 2 kids alone for these 4 full days and nights. he's frustrated because he needs to go and can't see why I don't call in friends or family to come down but the plans he made are last minute and people have made plans and it's only 2 weeks before Christmas people have a lot on. Rather then understand he's frustrated with me. I am equally frustrated with him because he doesn't seem to see how hard this is on me. I feel lost and really lonely any advice on getting through this.

Posted By Jill on Dec 21, 2017

Men find it hard to understand what we going through, my partner was the same trying to find solutions when I really needed a hug and reassurance that I was doing well. The thought of minding 2 kids on my own for 4 days bringing me out in a rash. I used to be affraid to be on my own it was like the end of the world. We so need support and encouragement and some time to ourselves (which is vital) Try to stay posotive you will get through this but in future you need to discuss and see what helps you. This message probably too late only just saw it. Take one day at a time. Try to enjoy the XMas and get out for some exercise so important to clear the head.