Reply to Will my child remember that I had PND

Posted By Anonymous on Aug 01, 2017

Have had terrible Post natal Depression for the last months and really worried that it will have an effect on my baby. there are days that I just cant smile and others where I cant stop crying. I feel so guilty and am so afraid that this will effect him in some way.

Posted By Anna on Aug 03, 2017

Your baby is so small he will not remember anything, all of us Mums worry about this. Just remember you are ill and you will get better, just go easier on yourself, give your baby lots of hugs which will be good for both of you.

Posted By Antoinette on Aug 11, 2017

Dear Trish I had the same worries and fears...and then someone told me that I was showing my baby the reality of life..the happiness and the helped. My baby is now 9 months and spends nearly all the day clapping, smiling, laughing and waving to everyone. This makes you so sad and so dark but just remember you are the baby's mother. You are doing your best and everything will be okay. A few months ago I would never have believed that but it is true.