Reply to Should I go on Medication?

Posted By Anonymous on Jul 25, 2017

I have 3 kids had PND on second and just told have it again, I am so afraid to go on Medication as I hated the side effects. I was so sure that I would be ok this time thought I had everything covered, I feel so let down.

Posted By Emma on Jul 27, 2017

You should not be so hard on yourself, you got through this before and you will again. You need to talk to your GP about medication, I felt like you so unsure but I was so bad I had to take them. there are new ones out there now that start to work after a week or ten days and the side effects dont seem to be as bad. Only you can make the decision, if you have good support it really does help. Try to get out for a walk and maybe a few sessions of councilling. Ask your GP about community mental health nurse, this is where a nurse will call to your house once a week and give you some councilling. It is a great service but not everywhere. Good luck. Dont forget support meetings a brillant help as well