Reply to Have 4 children, just found out have PND after the last, scared.

Posted By Anonymous on Jul 06, 2017

Cant believe have PND after 4th, it never happened before and to be honest thought wouldn't happen to me. I am so affraid have been to GP but really dont know where to turn. I am not sleeping not eating and so full of anxiety, afraid of everything, dont want to be on my own, the day is so long and I notice I am very snappy with the kids. I know its not their fault but I cant help myself. Any advice would really help. I am so ashamed, none of my friends have had this why me?

Posted By Nuala on Jul 06, 2017

Coming to terms the hardest but at least you know what it is. It is a shock what has your GP suggested if its mild and you have a lot of support you might be able to it without medication. I went on antidepressants, it took a while to get used to the side effects, I went to a support group and it really helped to talk to other mums. There are helpfull suggestions here on the website and they also helped. The most important is to get out for exercise even a 20 minute walk helps. I did get better but it took time, support of family and friends is very important.