Reply to Scared to take medication

Posted By Anonymous on Jun 27, 2017

Hi I have just been told today that I have postnatal depression my baby is 3 months old and I'm scared to take medication I have slot of challenges at the moment my partner in prison I have a tree year old and very alone any advice.

Posted By Mags on Jun 27, 2017

I know I felt the same about medication but PND is hard to get through on your own and the medication takes the edge off they are not a magic wand (which I thought they would be) it can take a week or 10 days for them to get into your system and there are side effects at the start. Lots of women feel worse before they feel better. I know it is a hard decision, your GP will advise you. If you had another illness you would take a tablet but we are all afraid of antidepressants. I was afraid I would get addicted and be on them for the rest of my life, I came off them after 6 months and haven't looked back. You have a lot going on and need all the support you can get. If there is a support group near you I would encourage you to go along, they were a great boost to me. Check if there is a Mother and Toddler group in your area it is a great help to talk to other Mums. It is important to get some exercise