Reply to Baby with silent reflux

Posted By Anonymous on Aug 26, 2023

Desperately struggling with baby with silent reflux. Impossible some days to get her to eat because of discomfort and little I can do to help her. I feel so worried about what might happen. No one I can talk to. Husband thinks I'm overreacting being so worried (and I do have major anxiety) so I can't express my feelings to him because it just causes endless arguments. Felt like a failure since the beginning due to failure to breast feed and gotten worse sense then. I feel so alone. Even when I asked my gp to refer me to mental health support in maternity hospital I got lost in a pile of paperwork for a month with no one reaching out to help me, and feels like I've spiralled in that month. I just want someone to listen to me and validate my feelings but I feel so alone. Some days I feel like it's hard to breathe because I'm so anxious. I know this will pass in time but right now it's so hard

Posted By Anonymous on Aug 31, 2023 is not easy being a first time mum your life changed forever, the first few months are a real adjustment, lack of sleep and, anxiety. please accept help and don't be afraid to ask for it , definitely in the first few keep in touch with your GP and local nurse , I recommend if you join a PND group that can help you feel a lot better when you find it hard to talk to the group there is moms that will understand you better then anyone. For the baby there are reflux drops over the counter in the chemist and reflux formula but ask your GP or local nurse before you go ahead with it.