Reply to Expecting my third child and think I am depressed

Posted By Anonymous on Jun 07, 2017

This is my third child and I have been feeling so down, crying a lot, no interest in food and terrible broken sleep. I never felt like this on my other two and this baby was planned, I am afraid to tell my partner as I feel I should be happy. Can't even bring myself to talk to my GP as I guess he cant do anything about it. Please tell me what I should do. Every day feels like a week and I am snapping at the kids which I hate.

Posted By Jill on Jun 08, 2017

Emma think you have anti natal depression, you really should go to your GP and let them know how your are feeling, its nothing to be ashamed of, lots of women get this. I had it myself in the last few months I was lucky it wasn't too severe and just talking made me feel so better.