Reply to unsure if its PND

Posted By JENN PND on Oct 27, 2022

Hi first of all thanks for reaching out if you haven't already done so i would advise you contacting your PHN and if you want to give us a call in the office (0214922083) to have a chat and i can go trough things with you or if you want to email instead on thats fine also, its good to talk it will help you and it takes a weight off your shoulders.

Posted By Anonymous on Oct 25, 2022

Hi, I just found this website as Ive been googling about PND. I am a first time mum to a 10 week old baby girl. I definatly suffered with the baby blues at the start, but I'm unsure if I now have PND. I have suffered with anxiety for years, but this subsided massively when I was pregnant, but it has resurfaced since my LO was born. I worry about SIDS, her health, her skin colouring on her face, airways, digestion etc etc and my health. I have recently become easily teary over nothing at all and very irritated, but not on a daily basis. I become so easily overwhelmed daily, however. I know writing this it sounds like PND, but Im just so unsure and dont want to waste GP time if Im just over reacting. Any insight would be amazing x