Reply to PTSD anybody help me?

Posted By Anonymous on Sep 16, 2022

Can anyone help me going out my mind I have PTSD I had baby 5 weeks ago had to go back in when he was a week old I was bleeding I collapsed I had to be rushed to surgery there was bit of placenta left in I had infection in womb also I'm suffering very bad with panic attacks and anxiety never had before they put me on tablets I had to come off them I was worse I don't want to take tablets.can anyone help me please? Is there support groups in cork for it please

Posted By Theresa Short on Sep 19, 2022

Hi I am glad you have sought help. this is your first step to getting support that you need. Please remember no matter what you are not alone, you have people that can help. Facebook have a real time support group called, Postnatal Depression Support group for moms and dads. This will be a start. In the mean time please link in with your GP and healthcare nurse as they will have local supports available to help you. You are amazing , strong and powerful and every day gets easier, i am speaking from experience, take care and stay strong. PM if you need anything, i am in louth.

Posted By Anonymous on Sep 19, 2022

Thank you so much you are so good😊 I have my first councelling session Friday I just feel like absolute crap dizzy and tired constantly on top of anexity and the panic attacks I just feel I will never be normal again