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Posted By Anonymous on Feb 02, 2022

Hi all.. I am a first time mum to a 17month baby boy.. I am 31 live at home with my mum and dad my boyfriend moved in before the pandemic and babys birth and we are still here.. I feel stressed here as I feel I am not doing things the way my mam would and sometimes it makes me so frustrated. She is good to us but feel she is getting distant sometimes.. I think I had some depression before my baby was born , it was manageable at that time I was able to go to the gym and have time and space for myself to recover from day to day stuff/work etc.. I was becoming more social isolating at that time also when I look back.. now since my baby was born the pandemic living with my parents still and first time living with my boyfriend I feel like I am so depressed I don't want too get up in the mornings I argue with my bf who did what etc I am paranoid my mam feels its too much us being at her house I am paranoid she is talking about us too other family members.. I am paranoid family think we are using then.. we are planning on moving out this year and have saved a house deposit. It was stressful as my bf worked with family and could not move jobs until recently so wasn't able to bring in much money I know my mam was trying to help with suggestions but was making my paranoid worse.. I cry most days now I'm always stressed iv had 3 new jobs since going bk to too work in Feb 21. I plan on going too my doctor to discuss this as it is affecting me my relationships, I have never received mental health help I don't know I'm how I'm feeling is pnd or just depression .. I'm I'm not feeling sad I have anxiety..

Posted By Anonymous on Feb 02, 2022

Also my bf has OCD this was an extreme struggle day too day after baby was born during a pandemic and living at home..he tried his best has since got help and doing better ..but all this in the last year and a last has affected me so bad

Posted By Anonymous on Feb 08, 2022

Hello, You have alot going on in your life. It is a good idea that you are going to visit your GP. You can also get on to your Public Health Nurse and she may be able to help you. Do you think you could sit down with your mum or partner and explain to them how you are feeling. It can be very difficult all living together especially when there is a baby too. If you feel you want to stay in bed and you do not want to out it is good if you speak to someone. You are doing amazing and you are a great mum. So many woman need some support and help. You can get help and support too by talking to your GP, Public Health Nurse, Family member or friend. People do understand what your going through and will want to help you. Talk about it. Well done to you for writing in. Take the first step and talk to someone.