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Posted By Anonymous on May 15, 2017

I am a new mom the past 2 months. Single mother, as father refuses to believe it's he's child and refuses to take DNA test. Currently living back at home with my parents trying to find a place to live on the HAP scheme, not having any luck. All this while being very depressed and upset. Easily the hardest thing I have ever gone through and still going through. On medication but doesn't seem to be working. Will it ever stop 😔

Posted By Jean on May 16, 2017

Hi Hanna you going through so much, how long are you on medication the dose might need to be upped, talk to your GP about this. Postnatal Depression is the most awful illness but you took a big step going to your Doctor. You are lucky to have the support of your parents. Important to get exercise every day and try to take one day at a time and focus on positives (which I know can be difficult) I am afraid it takes time and lot of patience and support. It is important to join a Mother and Toddler group which will get you out of the house. If there is a Support Group near bye this can be a great help, to learn from others experiences, I found this really helpful.