Reply to Suffering

Posted By Anonymous on Feb 01, 2022

Hi everyone I had my 2nd baby 12 weeks ago I’m constantly feeling scared to be alone don’t want to go anywere I don’t know what is wrong with me

Posted By Anonymous on Feb 03, 2022

Hi there. Congrats on your baby and I’m so sorry you are feeling this way. After I had my second boy I got so gripped with post natal anxiety I was terrified of everything and had the most horrific intrusive thoughts constantly. I never suffered with my mental health before so this came as a complete shock. If I can tell u anything now for sure, it would be this it will and can get better. Reach out to someone anyone you trust your GP, a therapist who deals with post natal mental health. I went through 3 therapists until I clicked with the right one. It’s worth it, give yourself time and be really patient and kind to yourself. I found journaling really helped. Talk talk talk to whoever you can. Best of luck. Xx

Posted By Anonymous on Feb 07, 2022

Hello, Your baby is only 12 weeks old and now you have two children to look after, it takes time to get used to looking after a baby and a toddler. It is a big change and your baby is only 12 weeks old. Sometimes it is a good idea to do some breathing exercises before you go out and have someone with you for the first few times. Being on your own takes time to get used to as you have two children to look after now, try not to think of been left on your own and maybe you could have someone that you can ring if you get nervous that might reassure you that you are not alone. Have you got your partner, family or a friend you can talk to. You will feel better if you tell someone as they may help you. You can always give your GP a ring and make an appointment or talk to your Public Health Nurse they can be very understanding. Do not be so hard on yourself it all takes time. You are doing a great job and you are a great Mum. Remember it is still very early days. Kind Regards, Sinéad