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Posted By Anonymous on Jan 19, 2022

I am a first time Mum to an 8 month boy. Being a Mum is something I've always wanted and my husband and I always wanted children. I find I am struggling at the moment. My son has decided he doesn't like his car seat anymore and going anywhere in the car, unless necessary, causes untold stress. He will only nap in his buggy, when walking. Which is fine on the days that I feel like getting up and out but on wet days it can be difficult, especially when exhausted from the night before. He usually sleeps well but at the moment he is waking at night and is very difficult to settle. It is upsetting for us all. I feel extremely limited in where I can go and what I can do. Most days its just easier to stay at home and go for walks near the house. I find this is really getting me down. I feel slightly rejected in that my son will settle for my husband but not for me. I am wondering if anyone else feels like this or has any advice on any of the above. Thanks!

Posted By Sinéad, PND Ireland on Jan 24, 2022

Hello Audrey, How are you getting on, is everything still the same or have there been any changes. Sinéad

Posted By Sinéad, PND Ireland on Jan 20, 2022

Hi Audrey, It is upsetting for you and if you are feeling very down and stressed about certain situations with your baby, sometimes babies can pick up on these things and may realise you are not relaxed and comfortable. It is good that his daddy can settle him. You are not doing anything wrong and you are giving yourself a hard time about it. Babies change so much and so fast, remember it is your first you are lreaning too. Your baby might be teething or maybe hungry going to bed maybe give him a extra bottle. Listen Audrey you are doing great as a mum. It is a tough job being a mum and you are not super woman. So many woman feel exactly the same as you. Have you a family member or friend you could talk to. You could always go and talk to your GP or give your public health nurse a ring. I am in the office now if you would like to give me a ring on 021-4922083. Take care of yourself and talk to your partner, it is all so new for the two of you.

Posted By Audrey on Jan 25, 2022

Hi Sinéad Thanks so much for your lovely message. I am feeling a bit better the last few days. My son is sleeping a bit better so we are all more rested. I think you're absolutely right about babies sensing when you are stressed or uncomfortable. I've been keeping that in mind and feel we are both benefitting. My husband is very supportive and has been helping me a lot.