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Posted By Anonymous on Apr 27, 2017

Hi I currently suffering post natal depression and anxiety disorder I'm 9 months in and wish it would just go away I'm on medication and I see a mental health nurse every fortnight I just feel so lost and hopeless I feel like I'm numb I cry and sit not talking for hours I'm so tired feeling this way I just want to feel like my old self again I'm still young enough I'm 32 I've four amazing kids and a partner who adores me I should be happy. My partner gave up work to look after me as I can't bare to be left on my own for fear of losing control and harming myself please someone tell me I'll be ok

Posted By Anne on Apr 28, 2017

It is such a terrible struggle and it will get better, can I ask have you been to your GP lately? when we are on medication for a long time our body gets used to it so check with your Doctor. The last part of this illness is the hardest as we get so impatient wanting to be better and so sick of being sick. I am sure you have come a long way from when this started. It is hard work looking after 4 kids and you are so lucky that you have your husband to stay at home with you. I was like you hated being in the house on my own (didn't realise it was part of the illness and so afraid to tell anyone) I suppose you heard this but exercise is so important, even a 20 minute walk on your own. Keep a diary of your moods at different times of the day and also list your achievements and what you grateful for. You should notice that you have a few hours usually in the evening when it seems to lift a bit. I thought I would never get better but you must be patient and take one day at a time, try and get some time out for yourself meet a friend for coffee do something you like doing. I got great help from the Support Group in Cork, so good to see I not on my own. Dont give up, you have come so far, try to be positive. Ring the PND group it is always to talk to someone that understands 021 4922083

Posted By Valerie on Apr 29, 2017

Thanks so much for your reply it's really encouraging to hear from other people who suffer I'm 9 months in now I just want it to end I've done so much more going through the toughest parts than I've done in years I suffer panic attacks so never leave the house alone the dark thoughts are so distressing at times... sometimes I feel like giving up but that's not an option I've 4 kids who I love with all my heart... I fight through every day and yes I do get a small bit of reprieve come evening time... I would be absolutely lost without my husband and family thanks again for your reply much appreciated

Posted By Valerie on Apr 29, 2017

I'm on my medication 8 and a half months I visit a mental health clinic also