Reply to Do Support meeting help?

Posted By Anonymous on Mar 14, 2017

I have PND been advised to go to support meetings nervous I will break down in front of strangers. What if someone there I know?

Posted By Anonymous on Mar 15, 2017

It makes the world of.difference talking and especially to those who are going through it As well..please go. If you meet someone you.know then they need help to. You will get a lot of strength from it. Please go. I only wish there was a meeting near me.

Posted By Emma on Mar 15, 2017

It so helped me to hear other mums stories, and the relief to realise I was not on my own and to know I could ring some of these Mums when I was having a bad day. The tips were so helpfull and I didnt feel so lonely. My husband came to the first meeting and got many of his questions answered plus he really encourages me to go as he know it makes me feel better. These support meetings should be all over the country.

Posted By Anonymous on Mar 16, 2017

Thats gr8. It sounds like it was worth yourwhile. And gr8 ur hubby went to as can be difficult to understand. Pnd makes you feel like your alone in suffering but your not. Well done, that couldnt have been easy either. Xo