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Posted By Anonymous on Feb 25, 2021

Hi all, hope all safe and well. Sorry to bother ye just wondering has anyone been diagnosed with pnd post a traumatic event. I got covid laat may six weeks after birth of my fourth baby. I had atypical symptoms. Very weak like a paralysis or stroke and couldnt breathe. I ended up in isolation for two wks in hospital away from my family and baby who i was weaning off breast feeding. The hospital experience was hard in that i felt so scared , unknown was horrible. All was coming back fine yet i was not good. They sent a pysch into review me who advised it waa covid. Ive a nursing background which didnt help. However once i got home my mental health deteriorated. I got into a hole of tears and i trusive thoughts consumed me. I eventually went to pnd team and they have been amazing. Im.onmeds and through counselling and cbd im working on everything. Im still all over shop at times with thoughts ...I did have alot on family wise but i thought pnd ansd thoughts were towards new baby. Ive had them with the kids etc. And dark days are certainly less whatever covid did to me. Getting physical.symptoms still which could trigger alot too. So sorry this is so long. Just wondering has pnd come on people post a horrible time post birth. So sorry again for long post

Posted By Terry on Feb 25, 2021

You sound like you had a really bad time, I not sure how covid effects, being in hospital for 2 weeks wouldnt help, there is so much we dont know about the virus and the effects it has on people, everyone seems to be different. I had a traumatic delivery and this defiantly was the trigar for me. Sorry but not sure what your question is.

Posted By Lisa @ PND Ireland on Feb 25, 2021

Hi Sars, I am so sorry to hear of this difficult time you have been having. It won't always be like this and with time I am sure everything will improve for you., yes, I have heard from mom's that felt that PND began for them after a traumatic birth experience or traumatic event shortly after giving birth. You have been through alot in such a short space of time. You didn't mention in your message if you have visited the GP in relation to all that you are experiencing. I think a GP consultation might be a good idea to discuss any symptoms you may still be having and I am sure that the GP will be able to help you with some of the symptoms you are experiencing. We are a support organisation and we are also here for you also. We are present from Monday - Friday @ PND Ireland on Facebook, Post Natal Depression Ireland and Post Natal Depression Online Support Group and can be contacted there directly by private message if you wish. We respond regularly and promptly. We also arrange zoom gatherings for women with PND. If you would like to attend, do please message us your details or contact us @ 0834850689 and you are more than welcome to join us. Do let us know how you are doing and do contact us again if you would like to attend the zoom gathering or if you would like a chat. Take care of you for now.

Posted By sars on Feb 26, 2021

Thanks so much. I knew once i came out of hospital i needed some help so went to gp and am under the pnd team so definetly getting there. Its one day at a time

Posted By sars on Feb 26, 2021

Sorry my message was so long and open ended. Thanks so much hope you are doin okay. Its a rollercoaster