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Posted By Anonymous on Feb 23, 2021

Hey My baby is now nearly 9 weeks old and I've struggled since day 3 with what I thought was baby blues. It got worse and crying every day and have been onto the councillors in the mental health Holles street since week 1.. after many weeks of counselling I decided it was best to try antidepressants as I was not feeling happy and like myself anymore I'm on sertraline now 50mg one week.. anyone else with similar experiences or on the same with similar and positive outcomes? Thanks

Posted By Anonymous on Feb 24, 2021

Hi I have an 8 week old and feel I am also suffering with pnd. I am been hesitant to go on medication, have you found that it has helped you?

Posted By A on Feb 24, 2021

I'm only starting 2nd week of the 50mg dose of Sertraline so I think too soon too feel proper affects apparently. I definitely have slept better in last week and I havent been half as bad ..but I've also started back exercising so not sure if its the medication or endorphins. I still feel anxious and heart pounding this morning. Its so tough. I had to choice to resort to meds as I really was getting stuck in a dark hole. Talk to your GP or the mental health team in the hospital. They're extremely helpful. Keep the head up x

Posted By PND Ireland on Feb 24, 2021

Hi Anonymous, Thank you for reaching out to us - I hope someone can give you some advice from their experience on Sertraline. It might be worth having a browse through our forums here to see if someone has posted about it before! I also wanted to congratulate you for reaching out to counsellors and your doctor for help. These are not easy steps to make, though they may sound it, and so it is important to recognise your strength and resilience in being able to do so. Things will undoubtedly start to improve for you now as you have supports in place to aid in your recovery. It is worth remembering that recovery isn't linear - you might feel you're steadily improving for weeks and then have another very bad day. This doesn't mean all hope is lost, it is just how recovery goes unfortunately! If you ever need extra support please feel free to reach out to us. We are available on social media (Postnatal Depression Ireland on Facebook, PNDIreland on Instagram), by phone on 0834850689, and we host Zoom support meetings every two weeks for mothers to get together and support each other. Wishing you all the best - Hannah, PND Ireland.