Reply to Health anxiety - polyps

Posted By Anonymous on Feb 20, 2021

Hello all, I feel a bit guilty about being on here after so long I have 3 girls I had terible health anxiety after my first two and thought every bump lump and odd looking freckle was cancer. This forum literally saved my life it was Such a support and I got through two years by being on it and listening to great advice and support. I recently went for my first smear after my last baby and doc said my cervix looked great perfectly normal she saw a small polyp just at neck of cervix and therefore referred me straight to colpolscopy unit in the city just to get it removed. She said just a minor thing they are benign not cancerous growths not to be concerned at all as she definately wasn't - just better to get these things early and do something about it when given the chance. She just did a referral letter there and then to colpolscopy as no matter what results come back from the smear I need to get this minor procedure done anyways. So whatever letter comes to me first my smear results or appointment for colpolscopy il definaely be having a procedure no matter what the smear results say. The old anxious feelings and thoughts are back now tripple fold I've cervical cancer, the Dr was just being nice and just didnt want to alarm me - but I definately have it - sure look at Vicky Phelan all the wrongdoings done there,' I'm nauseous can't sleep so guilty when with the kids as I'm short tempered worrying thinking I'm so frightened to leave them, Did anyone else have these polyps discovered on their smear? Could a smear test results show up normal results even with a polyp? I've a couple of weeks to wait and I don't know how il cope waiting? Thank you so much for listening again, such a relief to talk about it in this open forum where I don't feel I'm going crazy Regards ALICE

Posted By PND Ireland on Feb 22, 2021

Hello Alice, First off I want to say that you should not feel any guilt at all for continuing to use these forums. Part of what makes a forum like this so helpful is that the people posting on it are all at different ages and stages of their lives - and so can provide advice and support based on their different experiences. Thank you so much for your kind words about this forum, it means so much to us here in PND Ireland. I am sorry to hear about your recent experience and the stress it is causing you. Please know the irregularities of all kinds are incredibly common from smear tests, but that does not mean that cancer is present. The most important thing is that you've gotten tested and any potential issues are being recognised and treated! Health related anxiety is very common and very real - this is something I would recommend speaking to your GP and/or a counsellor/therapist about. You do not have to continue to suffer with this anxiety, it can be addressed and treated. I hope these feelings ease for you soon. - Hannah, PND Ireland.