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Posted By C. on Feb 02, 2021

My baby is 4 months now and I’m getting into the hang of it, what I found also helped me was getting help with the baby from my parents and sisters just some time to breath and get rest. I also starting listening to self help books and meditations while out walking and taking a multi vit. I don’t know if any of these helped but it’s what I did along with medication.

Posted By Lisa @ PND Ireland on Feb 05, 2021

Hi C, thankyou so much for sharing what has helped you, we love to see mom's sharing their experience and tips that helped them on our site. Ideas that have been found to help someone can help another also even though each experience is individual, sharing tips is always great. It's great to read you now feel you are getting there, usually the first few months are definitely the most challenging but once you begin to get the correct support, when you begin to learn what helps you in it all and do these things consistently also is when a shift can happen in your experience and general well-being and things get a little easier from then on and over time. Wishing you continued health. Lisa @ PND Ireland.

Posted By Lisa @ PND Ireland on Feb 05, 2021

Hi Sara, it is so nice to read your post with regard to the fact that you can relate to Julie at the moment and give her hope that the situation will get better as you have experienced yourself, it is difficult to see it when in the situation but with the correct support etc., and kind words and experiences from other mom's - all of this helps each other to see there is hope and things will positively change in time, even if it does not feel like that when struggling with PND. Thankyou Sara for sharing.

Posted By Anonymous on Jan 30, 2021

Hi everyone. I have a 6 week old baby and I have been in such a bad place since just after the birth. I’ve just been diagnosed with PND and started medication 3 days ago. They also have me on xanex to try and calm My anxiety while the PND medication sets in. Since starting the medication I’ve become even more anxious which I’m told can be a bit Of a side Effect for the first few days. I’m so very sad and scared the medication won’t work and I won’t get better and come out of this horrible place I’m In. Has anyone else felt this way and can anyone Shed any light?

Posted By Sara on Jan 31, 2021

Hi, I was like you a few months back when my baby was 6 weeks old I started medication and it got worse before it got better. The first 2 weeks were the hardest but it does get better and after a month or 2 you will really feel yourself again. Its so hard when you are in the mist of it but try and think positive and this awful time will pass. Make time for you and try and get out for walks daily if you can. Be kind to yourself. I feel for you because I was in your shoes not so long ago but it does pass and you will be you again.

Posted By Julie on Feb 01, 2021

Thank you so much. I feel absolutely lost right now. The anxiety has taken over everything to the point where I can’t eat. I really hope it gets better soon x

Posted By PND Ireland on Feb 01, 2021

Hi Julie, I am so sorry to hear you a struggling at the moment. It is great that you've sought help and started medication - often those first steps can be the hardest! It is unfortunately a very common side effect for depression or anxiety to get slightly worse when beginning medication, but just remember that this will calm down soon and start to improve. It is also important to keep in touch with your GP throughout this and keep them updated on how you are doing. I would recommend starting a journal (doesn't have to be long or in depth, just a few words or sentences a day!) in order to help you track your mood (for example, noting a particularly bad anxiety day, etc.). This can help your doctor get you the best care possible as it will allow them to see how your medication is helping you. Please reach out to us if you ever need to chat, either on our social media (Postnatal Depression Ireland across all platforms) or call us on 0834850689, we are here for you and happy to listen. Wishing you all the best, Hannah from PND Ireland.

Posted By Anonymous on Feb 02, 2021

100% felt like this - give the medication the time it needs to kick in. Your body is having a huge hormone drop since giving birth so everything is literally all over the place plus your probably getting very little sleep which is also a form of torture!! I felt exactly like this with my baby, I felt like I was failing, I felt like I didn’t want him in those moments when things were really tough - but I knew things would get better and they did! First off I opened up to my husband which was really hard but he was sooo supportive and to be honest he knew it was coming before I even said it so I hope you’ve someone close you can talk to - chances are they are already aware of your struggles and are just waiting for you to ask for help. Then I spoke to my GP and she put me on Prozac and it was literally the best thing I’ve done for myself - after about a week I felt like myself again, still tired and anxious but I could now cope in those really tough moments much better. I really hope you can reach out to someone or at least your GP - you are not alone by a long shot - sending lots and lots of virtual hugs - you got this mama, you and your baby will get through this and be stronger than ever!

Posted By Julie on Feb 02, 2021

Thank so you very much. This gives me hope that I will come out the other side of this. Right now it’s hard to believe I will ever get better. They have increased my xanex now to get me through these difficult days. Just hoping the medication sets in soon.

Posted By A on Feb 20, 2021

Hey I just wanted to see how you're getting on. My baby is 8 weeks old and I started medication this week and also xanax till they kick in Are you feeling any better? Its the hardest thing ever. I do labour ten times over this!