Reply to Undiagnosed Pnd affect on husband

Posted By John on Mar 12, 2016

I'm sure my wife has pnd, she's rejected me and our marriage how do I help her

Posted By Hannah on Mar 20, 2016

Hi John talk to her,ask her how she is feeling and if she knows why she's feeling like this, she may not know that there's something wrong just that she wakes up feeling horrible everyday and can't find joy in anything. I definitely aimed the anger and pain I was feeling at my partner before things got so bad I realised there was something wrong with me. Offer to go to the doctors with her and tell them how she's feeling, even if you just sit in the waiting room with her and let her do the rest herself, she might find it easier to talk about how she feels when your not there, i know i felt so ashamed at myself for the things i felt and thought. Goodluck I hope ye can get through this together

Posted By John on Mar 25, 2016

Thx for your reply Hannah She's so angry all the time that I couldn't suggest she'd go to her gp The only problem she sees Is me hopefully things will come right I have no family here to discuss this with its very isolating and frustrating Thx again for your reply