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Posted By Cindy Lund on Jan 29, 2016

Hi I was diagnosed with PND immediately after the birth of my first child 14 years ago. I felt like my world had been turned upside down. I became extremely anxious, couldn't sleep at all and felt completely overwhelmed. My doctor gave me medication which didn't help at all, then I was referred to the local psychiatric unit and was told more or less to 'pull myself together'. That was it. I did find some relief eventually when referred to a private psychiatrist who changed my meds but they worked for a while then stopped. Basically I soon realised that the birth had triggered a lot of issues for me which I had never dealt with. I have been working on them since - it's been hard but with the help of homeopathy and counselling together I am a much happier, healthier person now than I was before I had children. It is an ongoing journey and not easy. We all have to find our own way but support is essential and I really feel that more support groups are vital. I lived an hour from Cork at the time and in the state I was in just couldn't get to the meetings. A local meeting would have been brilliant. I am interested in setting up a group in south Galway where I now live and work as a healer and artist. I am no longer anxious or depressed but I still have some sleep issues. For all those who are struggling with this I empathise. It is awful. You feel guilty for not being over the moon about your beautiful child. But be kind to yourself. Parenting opens a real Pandora's box. It shows up all your doubts and fears, all your weaknesses as well as your strengths. But this is a positive thing because it gives you an insight into stuff you may need to deal with - we all have it but tend to ignore it until a crisis, trauma or stressful situation like becoming a parent brings it up. My sincere hope is that more support groups countrywide are set up and that awareness of all the options for healing (and there are many, apart from meds) is increased. If anyone needs to talk I would be very happy to share my experience. There is hope and you will get through this. Cindy

Posted By Maura on Feb 04, 2016

Hi Cindy I agree there needs to be more support groups but it is not easy, takes a lot of work and dedication. I have seen how much the Cork group has put in, they were a fantastic support to me and all the other suffers, working long hours for nothing other than a cup of coffee. I did try most alternatives under the sun and they didnt work for me, I think if I wasnt so bad and maybe tried them sooner, we are all differant and need lots of differant supports. As long as I live I will never forget PND and what I went through but I got better and thats the important message.

Posted By Sue on Mar 28, 2019

Hi Cindy great to hear from you, it would be great if a support group was set up in Galway, I have had contacts from the county before with great interest in setting up a group but it never happened. I think every county in Ireland should have a support group, it is so vital from Mums suffering to be able to hear of other womens struggle and know they not on their own. Unfortunately it is not as simple as it sounds and requires a lot of committment and there is still stigma attached to this illness even in this day an age where a lot of famous women admit to having PND. Your issue about alternatives, believed me I tried them all but in the end it was the medication and councilling that helped me, now I had a severe form and I think maybe women that have milder forms can be helped with other treatments. It is important that they look for help in time. I went through a really rough time and thought I would never recover but I made it out the other side. There is light at the end of the tunnel, one day at a time and reach out for help. Contact us and leave your details also if you want to chat about what worked for us we have been here 26 years and believe me been through it all!!

Posted By Sue on Mar 28, 2019

Maura thank you for your input, means so much

Posted By Sharon on Apr 10, 2019

Hi Sue, I would be interested in hearing more about your journey eh - what would be the best way to get in touch with you?