Reply to Anyone writing an article about PND ? I want to share

Posted By Anonymous on Aug 24, 2020

Iv seen a few topics from journalists looking to speak with women about PND. I just want to know if your a journalist please reach out to let me know. I am happy to talk. The stigma needs to be removed. People need to understand PND is a real illness. Not something you can snap out of or get a grip. It’s not something anyone has the right to say how come you can’t cope when others can. I am happy to speak out. I have no shame in saying I suffered and I still suffer. Comments welcome

Posted By PND Ireland on Aug 25, 2020

Hi Claire - thank you so much for your offer, it is very thoughtful and brave of you (though it shouldn't have to be a brave thing, as you pointed out there shouldn't be so much stigma). If we are contacted by any journalists directly we will be sure to reach out to you, if they do not contact you here themselves. I am overjoyed to hear you say you have no shame in your experience - why should you? What possible reason is there to feel ashamed for becoming ill? Thank you again for spreading such a positive message about PND!

Posted By Sharoon on Aug 05, 2022

Hi there my name is Sharon