Reply to Where do I go for help being a Dad of a women with PND

Posted By Aidan on Jul 01, 2015

This is the scaries time of my life, we have a lovely four month little girl, she is the apple opf my eye. I love being a Dad but I hate PND it has robbed me of the wife I knew and loved so much. She is so down all the time is very unsure cant make desissions and gets so angry with me. I dread coming home as I dont know what I will have to face. she has an odd good day and I am hopefull She has started on medication a few weeks ago and is attending a support group. I feel so affraid that this will never end, I feeln lost in the middle of all this everyone asks for my wife and they dont seem to realise that no one is looking out for me.

Posted By Sam on Jul 02, 2015

Hi Aidan PND is a terrible illness, I remember it as if it were yesterday and believe they are not good memories. I feel you are telling my storey what made it worse there was no support group or any support really, I was in uncharted teratory and half the time didnt know what I was doing. I went to work and dreaded coming home as I didnt know what would greet me. Looking back I was the lucky one at least I was able to go to work where my wife was living this hell every day. I had no one to talk to and I suppose I didnt want to admit that things were as bad as they were, male pride (we are supposed to be able to sort everything) Just to let you know there is light at the end of the tunnell, we both survived but we will never forget those black days. Speak to someone you trust you cant carry this all by yourself. Your wife needs you, she is ill, try to be patient and reassuring no matter how many times she says the same things, she is even more affraid than you are, she needs you to be her rock. Just know you are not alone there are a lot of us out there.