Reply to how long after birth can you get PND

Posted By margaret on Jan 26, 2015

For months I have been feeling overwhelmed and low. my baby is now 18 months so I have been feeling this way since he was about 14 months. Only thing is the episodes are getting more frequent and intense. On the Edinburgh PND scale I am scoring 16. Can I have PND this late post partum.

Posted By Sharon on Jan 27, 2015

Hi Margaret, Apologies for the late reply but Madge Fogarty, the lady that runs the group is away this week. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Have you been to your GP yet? You may have had mild PND after your baby was born but if it wasn't treated, it may have gotten worse. There's a support meeting at 8pm tonight in Cork maternity hospital if you're local. You would probably find it great help to speak to other mums who are feeling the same. You are not alone & this does not make you weak or a bad mother. Its not your fault that you're going through this & IT WILL PASS I promise you once you get some help. The first step is to speak to your GP & explain to him/her exactly how you're feeling. You will get through this :-)