Reply to My baby is so good why do I feel so bad?

Posted By Joan on Jan 21, 2015

Its my second child and I was so looking forward to his arrival and I end up with Postnatal Depression. He is four months old and the happiest little fellow only cries to be fed. I feel so terrible so anxious, cant eat or sleep, now I feel guilty as I shouldnt have this as my baby so good. found it hard to go to GP and admit that something was wrong, I am on medication but still finding it really hard. The days are so long and I feel so down all the time, I really try to pretend that I am ok when anyone is around but pay for it afterwards. Please somone tell me it will go away, I am missing out on so much.

Posted By Sharon on Jan 27, 2015

Hi Joan, First of all, please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in reply to you. Unfortunately, Madge the lady who runs the group is away on holidays at the moment & I didn't realise the website hadn't been checked. I'm so sorry you're feeling this way but I promise you IT WILL PASS and you will feel your old self again. I had PND after having my second child also and like you, I couldn't understand why as my daughter was such a good baby. She slept well, fed well & was very placid. I was annoyed with myself that I was struggling to cope when she was so good but that has nothing to do with it. Its the pregnancy hormones that are making you feel this way & its not your fault. It could happen to anyone & it doesn't mean you're weak or a bad mother. You need to keep reminding yourself this & in time, you'll be back to your old self & you can start enjoying you kids again :-). I'd imagine you're not getting the full benefit of your meds just yet & maybe just give yourself another week or two & hopefully, you'll see a big improvement. If not, you definitely need to return to your G.P. Some meds don't agree with some people & they need to try something else. I would also suggest trying to get out for a walk every day, even just for 10 mins. The fresh air & exercise does wonders for the mind. If its a wet day, even a trip to a shopping centre, kids play centre etc would help because when you're out of the house, it distracts you & takes your mind off things. Also, try to get yourself into some sort of routine every day as it gives you back some control. I found this helped me a lot when I wasn't feeling well. Not sure if you're aware, but there's a PND support meeting tonight (Tue, 27th Jan) at 8.00 in the Maternity Hospital. You would probably find it very beneficial if you went & had a chat with some other mums in your position. Keep in touch, Sharon.