Reply to My baby so good why do I feel crap.

Posted By Joan on Jan 09, 2015

My baby is 3 months old and is so good he sleeps and eats and is such a pleasure. I know I am so lucky but I feel terrible, anxious all the time, cant sleep or eat have lost interest in everything. I thought things would be so differant, what should I do, havent told anyone and havent gone to my GP. I feel like a failure, even writing this makes me feel terrible. Please reassure me that I am not alone and that I will get better.

Posted By Sharon on Jan 09, 2015

Joan you are definitely not alone, but you really need to speak to someone about it, just getting it out there really helps, I suffered with ante natal anxiety which got a whole lot worse when my son arrived, like you could not eat, sleep the anxiety was so bad, just anxious about everything, I went to my gp who prescribed ante depressants, I cant pretend it got better straight away and I am still struggling some days six month on, but it does get a lot easier, you really need the help Joan, and its nothing to be ashamed of, I can see that now. For your sake and the baby's, talk to someone and believe me you will get better, its gradual with lots of twists and turns but life will look rosy again. If you need to ask anything else I will try to answer any question you have and be gentle with yourself, its not your fault. xx