Reply to hard to see point of life

Posted By angst on Dec 23, 2014

Have had severe pnd since birth of baby #2. I thought I was doing ok but now I cannot see purpose of anything. My children are happy but I am not. I.honestly cannot see my purpose.

Posted By Yvonne on Dec 26, 2014

So sorry to hear you're feeling so low angst. I know how you feel.... Website called has much more activity than here if you want more immediate replies. Wishing you warm Christmas wishes of peace and hope for your tired head. Hugs.

Posted By Ann on Jan 01, 2015

Yvonne you seem to keep popping up advertising your website and knocking this one which is not very helpfull... I actually have had great help from this site my feeling is if you have noting good to say, say nothing.

Posted By Ann on Jan 01, 2015

We all feel like this from time to time, but we must look on posotive, your kids need you and that should be the most important thing. No one has it easy no matter what people say, its the little things that help, today I was watching a lovely blue tit at the feader, 4 ordinary tits tried to take over the little blue tit wasnt having any of it. This time of year is so hard with the dark evenings and the rain but the good news there is a stretch in the evenings....Try to get out for a walk or a swim, exercise is so helpfull. Write down your thoughts, and at least 3 things your gratefull for every day. I know you are sick of hearing this but try to take one day at a time. Think of all the people fighting for life and appreciate that life is a gift.