Reply to PND at 8 months

Posted By Anonymous on May 17, 2020

Hi, Looking for some advice. Have been feeling really low since the birth of my girl last year. I experience bad days of crying and once or twice and had thoughts along the lines of leaving or “what would happen if I wasn’t here and how would I do it”. My doctor thinks my feelings are proportional to the current situation of isolation but I worry that it is more than that. Wondering if counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy is useful in PND, or is medication the only route? I would love to feel happy and strong again, for everyone’s sake but not sure where to start. Thank you

Posted By PND Ireland on May 20, 2020

Hi Anonymous, sorry to hear you are not feeling good at the moment but please remember this will definitely pass with time, it may not feel like that now but things will improve eventually. In the meantime it is important to reach out for support and you have now made the first step in doing so. You are on the right road to feeling happy and strong again by being aware of the changes in yourself, seeing your GP and being in touch with people that understand and can support you. Women with PND do find that the prescribed medication from GP eases some of the symptoms so it's always a good idea to first take the advice of your GP to see if the medication helps a little and having other supports at the same time which will also help. We have a number that you can call us on anytime if you would like to chat more about yourself / PND etc, the number is 0834850689. We are also active daily @ 'PND Ireland' on facebook if you would like to chat there by message and we have an online private group also 'Postnatal Depression Online Support Group'. We run support meetings and coffee mornings but at the moment due to the Covid-19 situation they are temporarily on hold but we are still contactable and still here for you if you would like to contact us. Do let us know how you are doing. Take good care of you during this time.